Cognifide Tigers - the best QA team in Poland

30 May 2018Magdalena Owsiana

We're bringing home the trophy from the TestingCup 2018. Read more about what it means to win.

Just a month ago we celebrated as Adobe named us Delivery Quality Partner of the Year at their EMEA Summit. And now we have another trophy to add to our cabinet, also testament to our commitment to delivering quality solutions to our customers. 

This week we attended the TestingCup 2018. The event brings together QA experts from across Poland for a National Testing Championship. We entered a team as the Cognifide Tigers and came out top, with 1st prize in the team competition. It’s an outstanding achievement and proof positive that our QA approach at Cognifide is the best.

Our team had less than 3 hours to test Mr. Buggy, an application designed specially for the TestingCup. 

Mr. Buggy is an application devised in 2013 to test the skills of the top QA teams in the country. The current version is the 6th iteration of that program and contains masses of bugs.

says Małgorzata Fądziel, Junior QA Engineer. TestingCup participants have to find those bugs and report them in the correct way. And you get minus points for reporting bugs that don’t exist! But Mr. Buggy stood no chance against the Cognifide Tigers.

We accumulated 164 points to take the cup! That’s 6 more than our nearest rival.

says Volodymyr Vashchuk, QA Engineer.

Cognifide teams have participated in TestingCups regularly since 2013 and are usually ranked among the best. However, the Cognifide Tigers is the first team to have won the Championship. 

The competition was really tough,

says Jędrzej Osiński, Senior QA Engineer, the Cognifide Tigers Captain. “There were 74 other teams; the most talented QA specialists in the country. Michael Bolton, a testing guru, summarised general trends in testing when he told the audience, ‘it’s not about writing test cases anymore; it’s about exploring, discovering and experimenting.’ And he was right. This is our passion and that’s what we hope makes our approach stand out. We’re super happy that it’s been recognised by the top QA specialists in Poland too.”

Author: Magdalena Owsiana
Published: 30 May 2018

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