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Your top 5 blogs of 2019

10 December 2019Josie Klafkowska

You voted with your mouse, thanks for the clicks. It’s always good to know what’s really resonating with you, our CogBlog audience. And since it's that time of year, we thought we’d reprise the big hitters to celebrate the end of another year.

#1 - 6 change management essentials for digital transformation success

Written by Senior Consultant, Daniel Painter, this article kind of set the tone for the year. 2019 feels like the year when change management, adoption and enablement really hit the headlines with organisations realising that technology is only ever as good as the people, processes and skills that drive it.

As Daniel says, “As much as technology can be considered a hard deliverable, the reality is that it is your teams that will deliver the value. It’s time to put more value into engaging the people that really drive digital transformation success.”


#2 – Digital enablement: the key to success in your digital transformation

Like I said, there’s a theme running through this. Richard Logan offers some really practical advice here on how to build a successful digital enablement strategy. His 6 steps encompass technology adoption, onboarding, operational alignment, training & support, communications and ROI. It’s our holistic approach that enables organisations to champion digital excellence, empower teams and achieve greater agility and faster scale.

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#3 – The trends to watch at Adobe Summit

Zipping from January to May, Cleve Gibbon, gave readers a sneak peak on what to expect at Adobe’s EMEA Summit. Adobe is one of our vendor partners and Summit is not only an opportunity to catch up on what’s happening in their business, it’s also a great barometer on what’s happening in the industry at large.

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#4 – Welcome to The Experience Makers

In June we launched our podcast series, The Experience Makers. We’re 6 episodes in now and it’s proved a hit with marketers and technologists, delving into meaty topics like:

  • What’s driving the experience economy? Which delves into hot topics like immediacy, privacy, trust, evolving shopping habits, AI and more.
  • Hello, is it me you’re looking for? How companies are using voice to enhance the customer experience.
  • When content and commerce collide: Exploring the fluid journey between editorial, social and transaction.

In January we’ll be talking to WPP’s Karen Blackett, Tag Warner of the Gay Times, and our very own Daniel Painter about why diversity and inclusion are so important in the experience age. But for now, you might want to check back in with our launch episode, featuring Econsultancy founder, Ashley Friedlein in discussion with Cleve Gibbon on why we should Get platformed or die trying!

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#5 – Pamper customers & content authors with the SPA experience

And now for something a little more technical. David Friar, Senior Architect, explains how organisations can respond to the increasingly demanding needs of shoppers. He sets out the need for change; brilliantly describes the benefits of a headless approach and introduces the Single Page Application, outlining its benefits for the customer. And, if that weren’t enough, he reveals how this kind of game changing web experience can now be authored just like an ‘old fashioned’ CMS.

You can learn more either by reading David’s article or by tuning into the video version on YouTube.

So that’s a wrap on 2019. Tune in next week to the CogBlog when our Chief Growth Officer, Leigh Gammons, predicts some themes and trends for the year ahead.

Author: Josie Klafkowska
Published: 10 December 2019
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