The Super App Idea Competition

09 December 2015Josie Klafkowska

poster-small After a hugely successful debut in 2014, the Super App Idea Competition is open for entries once again and this year it’s sponsored by Cognifide. The competition is an incredible opportunity for kids with great ideas and a passion for the digital space to be creative and get noticed, with the winner getting their App built, commercialised and earning a share of the revenue.

What is the Super App Idea?

It’s a UK-wide competition, the brainchild of Cognifide software architect, Ivan Gasparetto.  Inspired by his own imaginative and creative children, Ivan decided to encourage other children to think digitally and come up with an idea for an App. So last year, he challenged secondary school children in the UK, between the ages of 11 and 17, to pitch their ideas to him via the Super App Idea website.

There were 3 top prizes available – an iPad Mini, an iPod Touch and an iPod Nano but the real incentive was Ivan’s promise to create one of these Apps, commercialise it and share the revenue with the winner.  An incredible opportunity for a young, aspiring digital entrepreneur.

Last year’s winning App – The Olivia Reader

In 2014, Ivan was touched by an idea from Sarah Riches from Putney who wanted to create an App that would help her dyslexic, younger brother to read.

He did some research and realised that this idea could potentially help one in ten children in the UK that suffer from dyslexia. 

During Ivan’s research, he met Olivia Loder, the Young Ambassador for the British Dyslexia Association.  She inspired him to call the App the Olivia Reader.  Watch this video to learn more about their journey.

The Olivia Reader is now used everyday by children across over 30 countries and in all 5 continents.  For many children it is a very important tool helping them to maximise their learning potential.

How to enter?

If you have or know children, resident in the UK, between the ages of 11-17 with an eye for a good idea, let them know about this competition.  Perhaps they’ve already got a great idea for a mobile or tablet App or perhaps they are the kind of child who’s always saying, “Wouldn’t it be great if my smartphone could do this!”.  If so, this is the perfect opportunity.

Entries are via the website and should be made before the 31st January 2016.

The top 3 entries will win one of 3 great Cognifide sponsored, Apple devices and the outright winner could earn 15% of the total revenue generated from the sale of their App.

We’re passionate about inspiring and nurturing digital talent, so help us to spread the word about the Super App Idea Competition via your social pages.

Author: Josie Klafkowska
Published: 09 December 2015

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