Sitecore Symposium 2016: Accelerating digital transformation

26 September 2016Amar Patel

The warm Southern welcome of New Orleans really resonated with each and every member of the seven-strong Cognifide crew that attended a very special and truly amazing MVP Summit and Symposium from Sitecore.


Introducing the Sitecore Experience Accelerator

Michael Seifert’s opening keynote introduced the single, outstanding highlight of Symposium as far as we were concerned.  The brand new Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA)  that allows you to dramatically shorten project delivery and can fundamentally change the way you work.

The SXA is especially dear to Cognifide’s heart since we’ve been pioneering the accelerated approach in content management through our own products for over five years. So we were incredibly excited to be able to support Sitecore’s position around the SXA and help to promote its benefits to partners and customers.

All the evidence suggests that it has been incredibly well received by the Sitecore community. John Field, Product Strategist at Sitecore told us that “SXA was very well received in our Symposium presentation, particularly the drag and drop capabilities and the wireframe playground that it offers to customer and partners in order to shorten the cycles experienced today.”


SXA: a game changer for the Enterprise

Our CEO, Miro Walker delivered the Cognifide presentation around SXA to a full house.  Pedal to the Metal: Sitecore Experience Accelerator for the Enterprise emphasised the strength of SXA not only as a site production accelerator, but as a tool that can free users up to scale this acceleration across brands and business units, eventually digitally transforming their organisations in the process. You can check the slides out here on SlideShare.

To further support the launch of this ground-breaking product, Sitecore commissioned a thought-provoking report from Digital Clarity Group, “From Projects to Solutions: Accelerating Web Development for Customer Experience”. It’s really worth a read (even if we say so ourselves - you’ll see that we had a part to play in its creation). You can download the report here, we’d highly recommend it.

Sitecore Powershell Extensions

And that’s not all! Between the MVP Summit and the Symposium, our own MVP, Adam Najmanowicz co-delivered a 5-hour workshop on how developers could get the most out of Sitecore Powershell Extensions (SPE) as part of their daily development workflow. The response on Twitter and during the session was overwhelming, as was the number of times the community module was mentioned during the developer track sessions at Symposium! Go SPE!

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 11.00.47.png

As the only European Headquartered Symposium sponsor, we were really thrilled to see our stand so busy. There was enormous client and partner interest around how the SXA could benefit their businesses, not only during build phase, but also after implementation. After all, what good is a platform if you can’t evolve it after it’s been released to your business?

Go live faster, get value back faster

As Darren Guarnaccia, EVP Customer Experience at Sitecore said during the keynote demo of the SXA, “Sitecore customers want to go live faster and get value back faster”. When you take that to the multi-brand, multi-region enterprise, this couldn’t be truer in our humble experience.

Throughout the event we heard from diverse clients, small and large, that they simply couldn’t get enough done with their in-house or partner developers and that the SXA offered them a new kind of freedom.

Lars Nielsen’s closing keynote offered some sneak peeks into Sitecore’s longer-term roadmap. As he summarised the event, he asked "Who here has seen SXA over the last couple of days?". Over two-thirds of the 1,800-strong audience put their hands up.

If your organisation is considering how an accelerated approach in Sitecore could deliver value, scale and true digital transformation, we’re here to help. We have a wealth of resources including whitepapers, case studies and consulting expertise that can get you moving in the right direction. 

Get in touch! Set your content free!

Author: Amar Patel
Published: 26 September 2016
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