Rapha Nocturne: the perfect partnership

15 June 2017Josie Klafkowska


One of the things that I love most about the technology industry is its sense of community. I don’t think that there’s any other industry in which knowledge sharing and collaboration is so ingrained in the DNA. I don’t know whether this stems from the crowd-source mentality of open source software, or whether it’s because we are all working at the front line of what is possible. When you’re pushing boundaries every day, collaboration is a prerequisite to success. Trying, failing (sometimes), learning, sharing, innovating - that’s the path to progress.

So when we were approached by the Face Partnership to be their official technology partner, the decision was pretty easy. Face are at the forefront of innovative cycling events. They created the Revolution Series in 2003, which has since grown to be the most successful track cycling league in the world. This was followed by the inaugural Nocturne in 2007, now a highlight of London’s event calendar. It’s held in the evening and takes in the City’s square mile. It has a real ‘festival’ feel to it and includes races such as a folding bike race and a penny farthing race alongside some incredible elite racing.

Our role in the partnership has been to help them to deliver a new platform to engage with the cycling community and fans. In 2016 the first site was launched on the Sitecore Experience Platform using our site production accelerator and authoring tool, Zen Garden. It’s a tool that puts the power to publish firmly in the hands of content creators - essential for an event site where content is dynamic and changing day to day. Face can ensure that sites are always displaying the latest information and continue to engage fans, without the need for any IT support.

On Saturday evening, we joined Face at the 2017 Rapha Nocturne in the heart of the City of London, where the British weather, for once, did us all proud. Two intrepid Cognifide Teams raced in the City Criterium - a gruelling 10 laps of the 1.2km circuit around the square mile. The teams were made up of both Cognifiders and our clients who are fantastic sports and pretty accomplished cyclists, to say the least.


It was incredible to be part of a such an innovative event, with enthusiastic amateur cyclists rubbing shoulders with elite athletes who have become household names. Face aim to grow the Rapha Nocturne to be a global brand, with events all over the world, and we’ll help them scale the digital experience for the cycling community and its fans. The next race is in Copenhagen later this year and we’re looking forward to it already.

Author: Josie Klafkowska
Published: 15 June 2017
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