Is your AEM already integrated with Adobe Marketing Cloud?

17 August 2015Jakub Otrząsek

Adobe Marketing Cloud suite enables modern marketers to satisfy almost every of their organizations' digital needs. AEM, being a crucial part of it, features built-in integrations with all of the other available tools, including Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target and Adobe Dynamic Tag Management. How can you leverage the whole power of the stack? Join us on AEM Hub and we will surely share a few incredibly important AEM tips and tricks, which will help you boost your business by data driven insights by then!


Adobe Experience Manager has a great built in-integration with Adobe Analytics. Still, for some people, especially those who already have live websites, using it can require re-development of most of the components. Did you know that thanks to dynamically created components you actually don't need to change a single line of the code in your existing components? This knowledge can be easily adapted to solve many other problems, too, so be sure to join us and learn more about it!

Also, when the organisation is going to setup AEM and Adobe Analytics, they can face problems with the analytics settings flow. It can be greatly simplified with a couple of simple tricks, such as using Adobe Analytics API for saving variables and events names across the Report Suites. If you already are interested in Adobe Analytics report setting API, you can visit Adobe Marketing Cloud GitHub project where Adobe and Cognifide jointly prepared nice samples, so start improving your business today!


With Analytics fully implemented organisations can proceed to phase two of the optimisation process as the insights gathered from the data enables them to start content testing. Starting with simple A/B tests, marketers are able to provide their customers with better digital experience. We want to show how to use Adobe Target integration, not only with AEM, but with the entire Adobe Marketing Cloud. After deploying A/B tests, your company can move up to more sophisticated methods of testings, because of what we are also going to show how to enhance standard AEM integration to leverage the power of Adobe Target.

Tag Managers

With the raise of data driven organisations, more and more data sources are going to be integrated with digital marketing platforms. How to integrate with the current technology stack, even without bothering IT departments? AEM 6.0 came with integration with Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager. Now, with a couple of simple clicks marketers are able to add new tags to their websites all by themselves. We are going to show how to improve organisation data insights with Tag Management. Imagine that now anyone can easily enrich their data with custom insights, such as current weather information, social media or demographic data and learn how can it be done with us.

Hopefully you are now excited about these possibilities just like we are, so see you at AEM Hub 2015!

Author: Jakub Otrząsek
Published: 17 August 2015

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