Introducing the WPP Platform Enablement Hub

11 April 2019Richard Logan

Successful adoption is vital for any organisation to really reap the benefits of a technology investment.

In the first of this series of blog posts, we broke down the key phases of an enablement strategy, and discussed their vital role in ensuring that an organisation can successfully transition to new ways of working, governance, and best practice, to attain their overarching strategic objectives. However, with all this knowledge, process and communication to consider, many large organisations face an overwhelming task.

This is especially true when introducing a content management platform due to the sheer number of business units (or functions) that interact with it. And the reality is that for businesses delivering personalised experiences at scale, a CMS alone is no longer enough. The technology stack is more sophisticated and the enablement task is more complex.

To counterbalance this, leading platforms have evolved dramatically over the last 5 years, and many now incorporate a full suite of marketing, data and insights and commerce capabilities in cloud-based solutions.

The Sitecore Experience Platform is recognised as a major best-in-class solution in this field, offering a comprehensive CMS and experience marketing platform, with an array of out-of-the-box functionality, personalisation rules, and reporting, to cover over 90% of an organisation's basic digital marketing needs. This means that all business units’ efforts are centralised, including processes around platform governance and business oriented capabilities, such as workflows, approvals and innovation updates. And we've gone even further to make enablement a reality for our customers.

Introducing the WPP Platform Enablement Hub

Working with our sister agency, Possible, a fellow member of the WPP-Sitecore Alliance, we have developed the WPP Platform Enablement Hub. We've based our prototype on the Sitecore Experience Platform (although the principles can be applied to any experience technology), building on a previous Cognifide innovation, the Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA), where time-to-market and technical capabilities were the overarching success story. The Hub will complement that by accelerating business capabilities (e.g. onboarding and training) and overall adoption, allowing organisations to realise the value of their technology investment more quickly. 

So what is it? The Hub is an internal knowledge management and learning tool. It's a digital resource that provides teams and their agencies with all the platform capability know-how that they'll need. It’s an asset that helps organisations to champion digital excellence and best practice, empowering digital teams to achieve greater agility. The ultimate goal is to drive self-service training, and achieve scale faster. It incorporates the operational alignment, training and support and communication strategy phases of our overarching enablement strategy.  

It consists of:

  • A bespoke and comprehensive guide for the technology platform.
  • A consolidated knowledge management platform & a centralised source of truth for an organisation’s entire digital estate.
  • Quick and easy access to information.


Each Hub is completely customised in terms of content and branding, bringing together all the artefacts required to execute on an enablement strategy. This provides a structured, comprehensive, centralised source of truth for the entire digital platform. The content, and training materials are relevant to the business and/or brands and showcase the capabilities of the platform. Furthermore, it provides the supporting processes and documentation for all governance and support channels.

Effective knowledge management systems are intuitive and accessible, with discoverability and simplicity at the heart of the user experience. This is true for the Hub. Users are accustomed to search-driven discovery thanks to the omnipresent Google. So the solution boasts an enhanced customer-centric search functionality, which allows users to search by content types, tags and categories. It’s predictive and remembers all your recent searches, ensuring key information is accessible, fast. Personalisation rules promote related articles, related assets (e.g. videos, pdf) and article popularity, highlighting relevant content to the user, and simplifying the overall experience.

Going Beyond Your Digital Platform

The Hub is not limited to solving enablement around content marketing, it is a transformational tool within the wider ecosystem. As illustrated below, it can solve for operating model and governance documentation, content and SEO strategy and integrated support and innovation management. It even incorporates news updates, to communicate new innovations, new/updated platform features, or digital business events. It gives all business units visibility to learn, improve and manage their ways of working on the platform, and shows how they fit into the wider operating model of the organisation.


The Customer Success Story

The Hub has been developed with customer success at the heart of the project. Partners and/or vendors have their own methods and metrics when it comes to implementing a successful project. But these don’t always support the strategic objectives of the customer. Success for implementation partners might typically be measured by delivering projects on time and on budget, with occasional training. This is not enough. So how can we ensure we help an organisation with their strategic objectives? The enablement strategy and Hub empowers the customer to champion digital excellence and best practice, accelerate ROI, and leverage the full suite of capabilities on the platform.

If you’d like to know more about digital enablement, and how we can help your organisation achieve accelerated ROI, or see a demonstration of our new Hub, please get in touch with our enablement team today.

Author: Richard Logan
Published: 11 April 2019
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