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01 April 2020Leigh Gammons

The last few week’s have seen greater change than most of us can ever remember.

COVID-19 has changed the world almost overnight. It’s changed the way that we all do business in a very immediate and impactful way. Culture change in the workplace tends to be an evolutionary process. Not this time. We all had about a week to get used to the idea of blanket remote working, some even less. Our Cognifide teams have really risen to the current challenge and I couldn’t be more proud of the new ways they are working in this unfamiliar reality.

Leigh Gammons & Andrew Radley

Many of you reading this will already know that I became CEO of Cognifide as we headed into these turbulent waters. For those of you that don’t, I stepped into the role of Chief Executive in the New Year, alongside Andrew Radley, previously Director of Product Management, who is now Chief Operating Officer. Any prior announcements about a new leadership team have felt a little out of place for obvious reason. However, now that we are rolling into some sort of BAU, it feels a little more appropriate.

Our founders, Miro Walker and Stuart Dean, have now moved into leadership roles within our WPP parent company, Wunderman Thompson. They are now responsible for Experience Technology across Wunderman Thompson globally. Their goal is to activate and enable the experience capabilities that we’ve built at Cognifide across the whole of the Wunderman Thompson and WPP network, as part of a world leading technology offer. So, while they are less involved in the day to day at Cognifide, they are still very much around.

Andrew and I are lucky to have inherited an organisation in great shape, particularly as we face the on-going uncertainty that COVID-19 has brought to our lives. We have a fantastic leadership team across our London and Poznan offices and the Cognifide that was established in a garage in Poznan 15 years ago, now has over 450 staff worldwide.

As with other epic moments in history, we’ll look back at these days of COVID-19 and all have stories about the highs and, inevitably, the sad lows. One of the huge positives I have seen is the general sense of community across people from all walks of life and I hope, that when we are through the other side of this, we will continue in this vein. Right now, I’m 100% committed to ensuring that Cognifide continues to deliver seamlessly. However, let’s aim to share some of those stories face-to-face in the not too distant future.

Author: Leigh Gammons
Published: 01 April 2020
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