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24 May 2018Kiran Chaugule

If any of the following statements resonate with you, then you should definitely read on:

”My team can’t cope with the volume of content and campaign requests.”

“We’re seen as a bottleneck and I can’t get any more resource.”

“We are not able to articulate what’s improved.”

“I want to empower my teams with data and insights to improve decision making.”

“I want to hold my teams accountable to specific goals and achieving results.”

These are cries for help that are all too familiar to us. And there’s a common thread running through them; the absence of  any direct line of sight between organisational goals and the daily operational activities of the marketing operations team. This is where our digital success framework comes in to play.

The digital success framework

The digital success framework addresses this challenge by creating a single unifying framework that aligns and focuses everyone’s efforts to the organisational goal.

It enables every member of the marketing operations team to be a leader in his or her own space. They are empowered to come up with innovative solutions and they can see how that drives improvements in terms of the overall organisational goals. No more blinkered execution of tasks and activities with no overview of the bigger picture.

Here’s how it works.

Business Performance deals with the key organisational goals, typically aligned to revenue growth through customer acquisition, share of wallet, customer retention or brand equity.

Audience Performance deals with the customer audience segments, that are crucial to business performance, and their journeys. It has their goals and their success at the centre and identifies the actions and events that represent the fulfilment of those goals. The customer journey is represented by the milestones on the path to completing those actions.

Experience Performance deals with the individual experiences that support your customers on their journey. This goes into the nitty gritty of each experience, be that reading an article, watching a video, completing a quote, configuring a car, playing a game. Every individual experience should support the customer in some way; for example, by improving their knowledge, giving reassurance or providing entertainment value.

Operating Performance deals with the marketing programs that build, enhance or simply optimise and manage these experiences. It also speaks to the operational teams that deliver the daily work required. This layer is the most detailed layer, as it deals with the intricacies of each area of work like editorial, social media, digital merchandising, email management or optimisation.

This is where the analytics become "actionable". By enabling operational teams with the metrics relevant for their area of work (website, email, editorial, social), as well as demonstrating linkage to and transparency into higher level objectives and performance, organisations can empower their marketing teams to innovate in their areas of expertise.

Your turn

Why not bring your team together to map out your organisation's digital success framework and translate this into a measurement framework. Openly share the measurement framework with everyone in the organisation and watch the magic happen.

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to chat with us about this and look at a few case studies.

Author: Kiran Chaugule
Published: 24 May 2018
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