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03 March 2015Maciej Stanasiuk

A couple of years ago a study showed that by 2017 CMOs will spend more money on IT than CIOs. Because of the importance of digital marketing and big data has grown enormously, managing various technologies has become an everyday part of marketer's job.

To keep up with the competition and win the digital battle, marketers need to implement and use different tools (advertising networks, conversion rate optimization kits, digital analytics platforms, etc). Most of such tools require using marketing tags, which is a short piece of code that can be added to a website or app. As digital marketing evolves very quickly, tags often change. Of course everytime there is a change it involves additional implementation and additional IT support. Unfortunately, most IT departments have long queues of tasks and usually marketers cannot afford to wait.

Dynamic Tag Management (DTM) by Adobe solves this problem. It is a state-of-the-art tag manager – a tool that enable marketers to implement digital marketing solutions (either made by Adobe or not) without the need to edit the source code – all that needs to be done is a simple implementation of DTM code, without any maintenance. This means that tags can be implemented easily without the need for IT support, therefore reducing costs to implement.

Once implemented DTM can be used to drastically reduce time required for any other implementation. The most notable features include:

  • Out of the box integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics tools,
  • Ability to fire rules on various predefined events, eliminating the need for JavaScript knowledge,
  • Ability to define custom Data Elements that can be used in rules,
  • Ability to manage order of rules and code firing.

Adobe DTM is not only one of the easiest to use tag managers by non-technical people, but also one of the best solutions for power users. It easily competes with other enterprise-class tools in both features and performance, but its main advantage is the price. It is free for any of Adobe Marketing Cloud users, making it an essential tool that should be used by everybody who can access it.

All in all, Dynamic Tag Management not only enables marketers to easily implement and use the newest digital marketing platforms and technologies used to overrun the competition, but also greatly saves IT resources. Thanks to its user-friendliness it can be used by everybody, so start managing your tags today!

Author: Maciej Stanasiuk
Published: 03 March 2015
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