Design Assurance: Bridging the gap between design and development

23 January 2017Simon Ward

The latest offering from Cognifide, Design Assurance, provides clients and their agencies with the platform expertise needed to supercharge digital marketing designs, thereby achieving all the promise that digital technology has to offer.

Currently, research shows that whilst 80% of companies believe they are now delivering a ‘superior experience’ only 8% of their customers would agree (Closing the Delivery Gap, Bain & Co). The problem is that most organisations are still structured to support linear brand engagement and many designers are still working toward the concept of creating a ‘web page’. This hearkens back to the one size fits all brochureware sites that were traditionally created.

However modern business expects much more from digital offerings than simple brochure sites and this inevitably leads to issues when the designs are passed to the technical teams.

Designers develop beautiful campaigns and then wait for developers to bring their work to life. The result is a constant, backwards and forwards approach with revisions and changes that cost both time and money. The feedback from the designers is always the same ‘make it work’ and ‘we don’t have any more budget’. The result is a relationship where the budget is taken up by revisions and tragically, many great creative ideas die by the wayside.

  This all needs to be taken into account during the design process in order to optimise content architecture and author experience.

Enter Design Assurance, Stage Left

The cornerstone of Design Assurance is supporting “total quality” throughout the entire value chain, a concept long proven in manufacturing and mature service industries.  It asks the question, “How should we measure quality when it comes to digital marketing designs: beauty alone or do we also consider whether the design is suitable for the technology that breaths life into managing the experiences that the designs create?”.  If the latter is a consideration in total quality (and it should be), does the design fully consider UI, author experience, content architecture implications, reusability and performance?  

By involving platform specialists early in the design process, Cognifide can ensure that, when it comes to the technical stage, the designs are CMS ready. Borrowing heavily from Brad Frost’s ‘Atomic Design’ methodology, it ensures that designs are created with the ongoing author experience in mind, allowing for quick and easy generation of future content, aligning with brand image and ensuring a consistent user experience.


Cognifide’s offering helps avoid common pitfalls in the design process, leading to poor author and consumer experiences and lack of scalability. It minimises the need for reworking and compromise which can occur due to lack of experience in designing for a component based CMS.

Design Assurance offers a blended team where platform technologists support agency strategists, UX, and creatives, who respectively play to their strengths in the design phase, ensuring that designs go beyond beautiful to be CMS-ready.  What this means when it comes to business as usual is greater efficiency and ROI across the entire project.

In the Engineering world Design Assurance is defined as “the disciplined engineering process of assuring the right job is done right”. We couldn’t agree more!

To find out more about design assurance, email us.

Author: Simon Ward
Published: 23 January 2017
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