Cross-channel personalisation with Adobe Marketing Cloud

29 January 2015Maciej Stanasiuk

The Adobe Marketing Cloud is the most advanced Digital Marketing suite available. Thanks to its collection of integrated online marketing and Web analytics solutions, marketers are able to successfully plan, analyse and perform campaigns across all of the digital channels.

Here at Cognifide, we strive to make the best use of these Adobe technologies. We are therefore proud to introduce our approach to cross-channel personalisation, currently known as Zen Journey. Thanks to this unique proposition we are able to share customised, personalised messages across all the interaction points between the customer and the brand, whether it is via e-mail, automated alerts or the website itself.

So how does all of this work in the real world?  Let’s follow a single customer journey through a number of brand interactions and see how the power of the Adobe Marketing Cloud can be leveraged to ensure they progress in a way that gives value to the Business.

Meet John. John wants to buy a new car. During his lunch break he uses his iPad to look at a manufacturer website and finds a model he is interested in.  He engages with the content but then his lunch break ends! He leaves the site and continues with his working day.

The following weekend, with more time on his hands, John returns to the website.  John is recognised as a returning visitor and the data held on him is interrogated. It is known that he did not sign up for the manufacturers newsletter on his previous visit so the landing page is personalised to prompt him to sign up.  Also, the vehicle that he was interested in is given prominence on the site.  John follows the prompts and signs up to the newsletter.

One week later John receives an e-mail, but he is busy with his work and he doesn’t open the e-mail before the evening. By this time he is really tired and doesn’t click through to the website from the newsletter. He puts down his iPad and goes to bed.

Based on John's previous behaviour, the next newsletter is sent to him on the evening. John opens it and as it focuses on the vehicle he has already expressed an interest in, he clicks through to the website. The website recognises him and displays information about where and when he can test drive his preferred vehicle, along with an incentive to do so. John follows this link and books a test drive for the next day.

As it can be seen, thanks to the integration of Adobe’s Analytics, Campaign, Experience Manager and Target marketers can engage with customers in a way that has never been possible before. Stay tuned for more information on Zen Journey! Also, be sure to visit our Technical blog to see how all we have described can be achieved.

Author: Maciej Stanasiuk
Published: 29 January 2015
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