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15 September 2016Josie Klafkowska

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If you regularly read the Cognifide Blog you’ll know that we recently launched a brand new customer experience site for Absa, one of South Africa’s big five banks, and a member of Barclays Africa Group.

In just 6 months, with our help, the bank have shifted to the cloud - the first bank in Africa to do so; migrated their retail presence to Adobe Experience Manager 6.1; moved processes from waterfall to agile and created a rich, personalised customer experience.  Take a look at this video to find out more.

Accelerating digital transformation

All of this was made possible by our own industry-leading accelerator, Zen Garden which has given Absa’s content teams a new-found authoring capability that means they can now launch new campaigns or pages without the need for any back end development.

The foundation of this authoring experience is a modular concept, based on Zen Garden and atomic design principles.  It was created using 80% out-of-the-box components, minimising the need for back-end development.  Not only do these standardised building blocks ensure consistency and efficient scalability, they also guarantee that designs are responsive by default.  Absa’s Head of Design and Customer Experience, Craig Corte, has called us ‘The Lego Masters’, a reference which we love!

Realising ROI

In just two months, Absa have seen a higher conversion rate against a definite spike in sales leads.  In fact, Savings and Investments, a particular area of focus for the launch, has seen a 34% increase in accounts opened.  Absa put this success down to the ease with which they are now able to present the right products to the right clients, based on their user journeys.

The project was an incredible collaboration and a truly global effort, with a client in Johannesburg and teams in London and Poznan.  Jacques Barkhuizen, CIO Distribution and Digital, paid us the biggest compliment when he said ‘the reality is, I can’t tell the difference between a Cognifide employee and an Absa employee at this point in time’.

Cognifide in South Africa

Our experience in South Africa has been so fantastic that we’ve now opened an office in Johannesburg.  We’re already talking to several prospective clients and are really looking forward to establishing the Cognifide brand in such an exciting and expanding market.  We’ve been lucky enough to recruit Kirsty Barkhuizen as our local Business Director.  Kirsty has a wealth of experience in digital and is one of the rare breed of industry specialists that truly bridge the marketing / IT divide.  She’ll be leading our South African operation from our new office in East Bryanston.

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For more information please contact or, if you find yourself in Jo’burg, come and say, hello!

Author: Josie Klafkowska
Published: 15 September 2016
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