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Cognifide at Adobe Summit 2016

31 March 2016Simon Macfarlane

As Adobe’s Global Summit drew to a close this year, with 10,000 attendees at the ‘Bash’ (Conference Party) watching X-Games competitors doing incredible daredevil feats on Skateboards, BMX Bikes & Motocross Bikes , it was time to reflect on what we had seen, learnt and shared across the last few days. 

What became apparent with each Keynote address, Product demo, Case study, and breakout session was that the old analogy: ‘It’s the Journey, not the destination’ rings true.  This applies not only to how businesses and brands create their customer experiences through use of Creative and Technology, but also to the architects of these experiences such as Cognifide.  There is no final destination to which we can lead our clients.  In an ever-evolving market, digital transformation is continuous. In order to stay relevant and market leading – we need to always be looking towards the next part of the Journey, not being comfortable in having reached a given destination. As Shantanu Narayen (Adobe CEO) put it: 

This is the Experience Era, and maintaining the status quo is no longer a viable business option.

Across the week, we were given opportunities to listen to global businesses such as Mattel, Phillips, Westpac, MGM Resorts, RBS and Tourism Australia share how they successfully navigate and achieve their digital goals.  This is has not just been through investment in buying and implementing of technology, but just as crucially through attitudinal shifts, shared beliefs and internal collaboration needed to stay ahead of the game. Every one of these cases addressed core topics such as content collaboration, change management & internal communication, technology adoption, agile methodology and other core components to the Digital Transformation Journey that we at Cognifide actively provide to our clients every day.

With so much content shared & discussed it’s hard to summarise what the highlights were, but there were some clear speakers & stories that really stood out.  These messages resonated with what businesses and brands tell us they want to achieve and what they want us, as the architects of these experiences, to help them with.

  • Delivering agile digital experiences, in record time - Joost Van dun, Philips. A great presentation showing how using generic, reusable components can be used to quickly “assemble” experiences rather than developing them. A great example of how an organisation has taken the Cognifide Zen Garden mantra, and successfully achieved its goals.
  • Digital Strategy 101: Transforming your organisation - MGM Resorts. An excellent case study of how a global organisation like MGM has gone through its digital transformation and how it achieved it. A change management approach that focussed on the organic (people/process) aspect of this formula rather than simply just implementing technology. The talk also focussed on the crucial infancy period of this journey, and offered practical advice and tips on how it carried it out within an 18 month period.
  • Richard Dickson - Mattel. An inspiring talk that took us through the history of Mattel and how it’s has redefined itself as a toy maker in the new digital era. Barbie as well as other core product lines had lost its relevance in an oversaturated marketplace, both through its product offering and its lack of point of view.  We were guided through the journey Mattel went on to regain its prominence in a market that had started to place value in different perspectives of how a doll represented the society we lived in. What stood out at the core of this businesses transformation, was its need to regain purpose, and how strongly that should resonate for every business and the experiences they are trying to create.
Outside of the core Summit schedule, the Cognifide team were busy taking the opportunity to catch up with our Global agency partners such as our WPP Adobe Alliance partner, VML on how we can work together to better serve our clients.  We also had a great time jointly hosting over 100 Guests including existing and prospective Clients and our Adobe partners at the WPP Adobe Alliance Networking events. 

All in all Adobe Summit 2016 was an informative and fruitful experience, and as the industry, businesses, brands and partners continue to develop, we continue to grow with it.

Author: Simon Macfarlane
Published: 31 March 2016
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