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CAB 2020: The Innovation Series

07 May 2020Mateusz Luczak

We’re launching our Customer Advisory Board for 2020 with a series of virtual workshops.

Each year we invite customers to be a part of our Customer Advisory Board or CAB. Historically it has fed into our product roadmap for our self-authoring tool, Zen Garden and, more recently, into our wider suite of content agility tools. It gives us the opportunity to listen to your most pressing challenges and to feed that information into developing tools for the future.

The 2019 session flagged up various challenges that we are currently looking to solve with some new concepts and solutions. These are all at different stages of the product design lifecycle, from ideation to MVP. We're inviting you to join us to learn more about them, take part in a collaborative discussion and feedback into the process in our new 2020 virtual CAB: The Innovation Series.

In these virtual, interactive meetings, we’ll workshop the solutions and bake invaluable feedback from you, the customers who’ll use these tools, into the next phase of our development.

The Solutions

Digital Brand Governance

A tool that we are developing in partnership with Microsoft. This is an MVP that improves approval workflows and removes bottlenecks by introducing AI to detect brand, legal and digital non-compliance.

Creative Workflows

This solution, currently a prototype, focuses on the challenge of loading assets and content into your DAM or CMS. It deals with inconsistencies in quality, creates a workflow around the collaboration process and speeds it up, ensuring that you can safely use your assets more quickly.

Sites Factory

This concept looks to reduce costs for organisations that need to build large numbers of individual sites on an AEM platform. It provides a standardised set of components and templates that multiple brands can use to solve up to 80% of their experience needs. Building everything from scratch is expensive. Sites Factory allows you to build just once, providing you with a ready-made tool set of building blocks for the future.

Digital ROI

In 2019 customers told us that a major challenge is identifying real return on investment. Transformation programmes can have well defined goals but even with all the data to hand, it’s hard to tie the output of business intelligence tools to high level goals related to, for instance, customer engagement or sales. This concept is an ROI dashboard that aggregates the data from various platforms (CMS, DAM, ERP, PIM) to provide visibility of benefits realisation.

How The Innovation Series works

The Innovation Series is a sequence of workshops in early June, each focusing on a single solution. It's aimed at platform owners, product owners and practitioners who are actively involved in content and experience delivery. You can choose to attend just one or as many as you wish, depending on how relevant each solution is to you. Each workshop will be 90 minutes, led by our software products team and attended by roughly 6-8 people from across Cognifide’s client organisations. They will be interactive and discursive, focused and productive.

If this sounds of interest and you would like to attend one or more of the workshops, please talk to your Cognifide client lead in the first instance. We will be organising the workshops according to interest and availability, so registering your early interest would be a good idea.


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Author: Mateusz Luczak
Published: 07 May 2020
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