6 Key Stages of Successful Digital Delivery

25 July 2017Katarzyna Cienkosz

According to, two-thirds of digital projects fail. They are not meeting their original scope, they are not within budget and they are not being completed to pre-agreed deadlines.  If we explore the reasons behind these fails, there seem to be some fairly common causes:

  • Scope changes: revisions made to the original scope during the project are often not well managed
  • Scope defects: the original scope is failing to meet requirements or bring expected value
  • Schedule delay: project slippage due to overcommitment, incorrect estimates or external dependencies
  • Resource: insufficient project funding or staffing issues1

Even if you don’t encounter any of these issues, no digital project is immune to external forces and you’ll need the right combination of tools, processes and people to ensure that yours remains on track.

That’s exactly why we’ve created our own delivery framework - to ensure that our clients stay ahead of the game, even when projects come under threat. It’s based on Project Management Institute methodologies and agile foundations, and sets out to assure that key constraints are met and time to value is accelerated. And because it’s about realising value as quickly as possible, you may a few race track analogies thrown in!


The start: defining scope

The accelerated approach starts at the scoping stage. It’s about finding the right balance between being specific enough to understand what needs to be built, estimating the effort required to achieve it, and retaining the flexibility to be agile. The secret to this is in actively engaging stakeholders (vendors, marketing and IT teams) in the process. We take the time to understand the outcomes that stakeholders are looking for, and manage uncertainty by not getting bogged down in requirements that are less clear at this stage. We triangulate between time, cost and functionality and develop a plan to closely manage risk.

Run: plan delivery

We know that every hour we spend in planning saves 10 hours in execution. We’ll always look for alternative paths and solutions that will help us to deliver even more quickly. Our Progressive Assurance approach is a different way of working. It fully integrates business owners into the continuous delivery process. You have clear oversight of the project and the flexibility to make the micro corrections needed to achieve the best outcomes. This means significantly less risk, less rework and better time to market.

Accelerate: build the team

We believe that cross-functional teams are far more effective and efficient than siloes. That’s why we build our teams with diverse expertise and directly integrate your teams with ours. This way we’ll share the same values, stay focused on meeting objectives, benefit from synergies, have a broad perspective and a better ability to solve problems.

Critically this means there will be a significant transfer of knowledge between team members. You’ll get to use our tools and learn our best practice ways of working, and we’ll gain a deeper understanding of your business outcomes for better results.

Boost: deliver value

Everyone talks about ‘Agile’, but it’s not a silver bullet. Agile is a fantastically flexible way of working but it needs to be adapted to effectively deliver on projects that are time and budget constrained. We successfully combine Agile development and PMI methodology rigor in project governance. This enables us to deliver projects in an iterative, transparent, value driven way, while making sure we cross the finish line on time and within budget.

Win: go-live

Over the past decade Cognifide has developed game changing Adobe and Sitecore based accelerators as well as an extensive set of in-house and open source tools that dramatically improve velocity and significantly improve quality. We automate repetitive tasks and focus on the areas that deliver real business value. We then put these tools in your hands and give you the benefits of a decade of our experience.

Work out: continuous improvement

Crossing the finish line is not the end, it’s just the beginning. With our knowledge and tools transferred to your teams, you are now free to pick up the baton and continually refine and evolve. We’ll still be there to coach you when you need us and we can refocus on future innovations to ensure that you’re always getting the most from your platform. Meanwhile, our service operations team is staffed by our most experienced engineers, not juniors, meaning you have access to experts around the clock.

This delivery framework embodies The Cognifide Way. It brings the best of Agile and PMI methodology to delivering world-class customer experiences when and where your customers need them. It’s a hybrid that’s unique to us and it’s been proven time and again.

To find out more, get in touch!

1Tom Kendrick, Identifying and Managing Project Risk, AMACOM; 3 edition (March 25, 2015)

Author: Katarzyna Cienkosz
Published: 25 July 2017
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