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Translating content into commerce

27 July 2020Josie Klafkowska

Today, just 18% of online shoppers are looking for inspiration on branded websites. This is down from 33% in 2019. An alarming drop.

The Wunderman Thompson Commerce 2020 Future Shopper report also revealed that, for the search phase, 33% of consumers are looking to branded sites but, when it comes to actually purchasing, just 15% transact on those sites. That’s a striking attrition rate. It's clear that something needs to be done – but what?

In collaboration with our colleagues at Wunderman Thompson Commerce, we’ve been looking at what organisations can do to stem the flow of shoppers away from their branded sites. Where they are losing them to attractive marketplace offers on price and service, according to the survey, they could be winning them back with carefully curated content that offers exclusivity, scarcity and personalisation. In short, a well curated experience would help to keep shoppers on their sites and get them transacting there.

We’ve encapsulated our thinking in a new guide, Translating Content into Commerce. It presents the case – and actions – for shoppable content and why it is key to easing attrition and boosting sales.


Translating content into commerce report brochure 

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What can brands do to make the experience worthwhile?

This is the burning question for D2C websites getting plenty of traffic but ultimately losing out on actual sales to other channels. So how can they make customers ‘stick’ once they visit?

The answer lies in giving consumers a reason to stay and that, in turn, relies on thinking about online shopping journeys in transactional terms. What really matters – the added value ingredient which will make customers stick and keep them coming back – is creating an experience they enjoy.

The guide focuses on how to:

  • Understand and cater for different shopper profiles
  • Ensure that you have complete agility and flexibility across the journey
  • Dilute the impact of price
  • Make your content work across all stages of the customer journey
  • Create a seamless experience across all channels

The modern customer wants to be able to interact with brands whenever and wherever and they expect relevant and contextualised content that enables them to do this. Making every experience shoppable is the new retail holy grail. Download the guide now to make sure that you understand how experience driven commerce can help you drive D2C sales. Or get in touch with us to learn more.

Download the report now

Author: Josie Klafkowska
Published: 27 July 2020
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