Omniture SiteCatalyst v15 buzz before the EMEA Summit

18 May 2011Jabir Salam

Not even 24 hours left for the Omniture Summit EMEA to kick off and you notice an interesting surge in the number of views of the SiteCatalyst 15 product tour on Youtube. If the buzz from the Salt Lake City summit was anything to go by, then I have no doubts that even on this side of the Atlantic, the enthusiasm to learn more about the latest version of SiteCatalyst will overshadow the zeal for its siblings from the Omniture Marketing Suite. Analytics Guru, Adam Greco, summed up the new updates listed below quite nicely in his “Welcome to SiteCatalyst v15” post:

  • Advanced/ Instant Segmentation
  • Full sub-relations
  • Bounce Rate
  • Metrics Changes
  • Video Reports Enhancement
  • Visits and Visitors
  • User Interface
  • Default metrics on reports

Advanced/ Instant Segmentation

If you are a power user, then you will probably heave a sigh of relief that you do not have to wait for the ASI/ DataWarehouse requests to be processed and all users can now slice and dice data segments in real time.

I agree with Mr. Greco that Google Analytics fanboys will dismiss this update as Omniture finally catching up. I’m curious whether Adobe is getting rid of the ASI slots…

Full sub-relations

Yes, that’s right, you can now break down an eVar by all other eVars and there are no limitations with respect to the number of sub-relations. Wow, some power slicing remains to be done!

I hear murmurs that Discover revenue is going to take a hit with this one and it just might but seriously, how annoyed would you be if your access to Discover was taken away from you? For the record, I appreciate the speed that Discover arms you with and it’s a blessing for analysts who, like me, HATE waiting for data to be processed. So, I’m sorry, I can’t support a decision to revoke Discover access unless the new SiteCatalyst architecture includes a caffeine boost.

Bounce Rate

Yes, all the clamouring for the inclusion of bounce rate as a standard metric has finally been heard and no more setting up [Single Access with no activity/ Entries].

If you follow the MarketMotive Founder and Chief Education Officer, Avinash Kaushik, then I bet, you’ll agree Bounce Rate is a verrry sexy web metric.

Metrics Changes

Good news – you can now trend multiple metrics so you don’t have to concentrate on just the first metric anymore. This was a personal gripe when I attended the SiteCatalyst training that you couldn’t trend by all metrics.

Video Reports Enhancement

The standard video reports have now been replaced by new reports which offer a lot more than the previous video specific reporting. Video analytics is always interesting if it can be correlated to other metrics and from what I’ve heard, SiteCatalyst 15 really helps you here.

Streamlined User Interface

Google Analytics had a makeover recently and hey, so has Adobe SiteCatalyst with this new version. What exactly are the changes? I hear it includes a site overview report as a default dashboard, better search functionality

Visits and Visitors

More good news – You are not as restricted as you were earlier and can see both Visits and Visitors in reports.

Default metrics on Reports

Simply put, you can assign default metrics per report and you are not confined to assigning default metrics for all reports. Hurray!

I will add that the most exciting development is the new back end architecture that has allowed for the revolutionary developments but what remains to be seen is whether it will catalyse more changes that will result in further differentiation.

Right, I’m off to the Summit along with Cleve Gibbon and David Friar tomorrow so if you have any questions, DM @Cognifide and we’ll get back to you. Oh yes, I promise to update the blog after the summit!

Jabir Salam

p.s. Check out Enterprise TV for some interesting Site Catalyst videos. I was inclined to write about it now but perhaps, it warrants a separate post!

Author: Jabir Salam
Published: 18 May 2011

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