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Ramp up your content agility with Bridge

16 November 2020Josie Klafkowska

Content agility has taken on new meaning in 2020. The ability to surface new products and get to market quickly with new offers has never been more of an issue for brands and marketers.

Cognifide has a suite of proprietorial content agility tools that are designed to help our clients do just that. They enable content authors and agencies to deliver and update experiences fast, without the need for backend development. We aim to remove the technical bottlenecks associated with delivery, easing the process of bringing customer experiences to life, at scale.

One of these tools, Bridge, helps brands using Adobe Experience Manager to fast-track their commerce experiences by integrating and surfacing data from any source (AEM assets, a PIM, social media), within a standard set of components, without the need for any backend development. Non-technical authors can literally drag and drop catalogue and commerce data such as product names, images, catalogue numbers and pricing into a pre-existing component and publish it within a matter of minutes. Compare this to the labour intensive practice of developing bespoken components for each integration which, as recently as 3 years ago, was costing our clients some 35% of total development budgets.

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Now Bridge has been recognised by Adobe as an Accredited Partner Solution. As a content agility tool, its contribution to the bottom line is undeniable in terms of cost and effort savings:

  • It reduces the development effort while introducing integrations
  • It reduces the need to create new components
  • It increases the usability of existing components – less to maintain, document and learn
  • It reduces the maintenance cost of the platform

In business terms, this translates, across existing implementations to an average of $100,000 savings in initial development effort (depending on the size of the integration) and allows content and data changes to happen at three times the speed.

It’s a solution for businesses that need to surface dynamic data from third-party content systems and particularly suited for multi-brand, multi-locale companies as its benefits increase dramatically at scale. The more existing components and back-end integrations, the better the return on investment in terms of time saving and efficiency. And it’s not just a commerce solution. It would be equally suited to a B2B product marketing scenario, such as pharmaceutical sales.

Cognifide has worked with Adobe Experience Manager for well over a decade. In fact, since before it became AEM. We have implemented complex solutions for some of the world’s biggest and most demanding brands. And we’ve been named as Solution Partner of the year, as part of WPP, for the last 2 years. But still, the Accredited Partner Solution badge is not bestowed lightly. So we’re grateful to our partner, Adobe, for this important solution endorsement. It recognises successful deployments of the solution and verifies our delivery quality and the benefits that the solution brings.

As we continue to live with COVID-19, brands and businesses need more than ever, to be agile and respond to the ever-changing situation and the needs of their customers. Our recent report, Experiences Customers Want, highlights our increasing reliance on digital. Some 35% of consumers agree that they shop online more than they did before. 34% say they now use more online services generally and, as you’d expect, 30% say their online experience is now much more important than it was last year.

According to our research, consumers are generally positive about the way in which brands and businesses have responded to the crisis. 44% agree that online experiences have improved since the pandemic started. And 58% said they were impressed with how brands handled the crisis.

When we spoke to businesses, many told us that they have taken the opportunity to completely reimagine their websites, with 36% making information easier to find and 40% putting sites through a fundamental redesign. But, with 33% of consumers still frustrated by hard-to-navigate websites, there is still further scope for improvement.

Bridge gives marketers and content authors, using Adobe Experience Manager, the ability to quickly and easily surface the information that their customers need at scale. The benefits in terms of cost and effort savings are clear. You can access Bridge as a stand-alone tool for out-of-the-box AEM, or combine it with one, or several of our other content agility tools, Composites, Creative Exchange or Blocks.

To learn more, email Ben Field-Johnson at Cognifide who would love to talk to you about how Bridge could give you and your teams greater content agility.

Photo by Alex Azabache on Unsplash
Author: Josie Klafkowska
Published: 16 November 2020
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