Architectures for Adaptive Content

19 April 2012Cleve Gibbon

Last night a bunch of content strategists met up at the Adobe offices in London to discuss adaptive content.  A big thank you goes to Mike Quinn and Christie Fidura for hosting, organising and presenting at the event.

Adaptive content: What you need to know to create intelligent, flexible, format-free content

The idea of adaptive content is nothing new. The digital publishing community has been working with it for years. However, as more and more businesses rush to embrace the value inherent in the phrase 'create once, publish everywhere', the web content strategy discipline must get up to speed quickly with what adaptive content really means for us and for our clients. My talk focused on the need to do more on the editorial side of the content management equation, content management is about content, people, process and technology, and not just CMS.

Cleve Gibbon:  Architectures for adaptive content

To make content intelligent so that it can be readily adapted requires greater upstream thinking and wider involvement from those responsible for planning, creating and managing content. In short, a unified content strategy. However, adaptive content also requires flexibility from the content architecture(s) delivering those unified content strategies. Last night, I presented the audience with a couple of content architectures for delivering adaptive content.

Author: Cleve Gibbon
Published: 19 April 2012
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