Zen Garden - an Adobe CQ product

02 September 2013Fahim Salim

Zen Garden

 Zen Garden is a Cognifide product that extends Adobe CQ Experience Manager enabling digital marketers to deploy multiple websites quickly and cost-effectively. 

CQ Zen Garden allows businesses to rapidly expand their capability to deliver sites for customers, sponsors and marketing teams by cleanly separating the look & feel from core development. It allows new websites to be assembled from a reusable library of highly flexible components with mobile responsive layouts that can easily be “skinned” to achieve the desired user experience.

Key benefits:

  • Improved quality through component reuse
  • Increased adoption through consistent authoring experience
  • Reduced cost
  • Reduced time to market

Zen Garden is includes some of the following features:

  • Standardised set of components
  • Flexible layout engine
  • Intuitive author experience
  • Creative exchange - powerful theming workflow
  • Mobile responsive support
  • Extensible wireframe theme

Standardised set of components


Components are the building blocks of any website and Zen Garden comes with over 20 highly flexible and re-useable components. These components should cover 90% of all requirements for regular websites which will reduce or remove the normally substantial development time required to build or enhance components.

Flexible layout engine


The Zen Garden layout engine is based on the 960 grid system ( which is emerging as something of a web standard adopted by many sites, designers and developers in a variety of circumstances.

Containers (or blocks) are used to construct layouts which forms the basis into which all components will be placed when creating a page. Each container can be managed to be fixed to a given grid size and with the ability position containers next to one another as desired. Allowing this flexibility per container provides a very high number of layout combinations to achieve a page design.

Intuitive author experience


All features and components are designed and developed with the Author in mind.

We've applied our years of experience and best practices to produce a considered and consistent authoring experience baked into all components.

This reduces learning curve allowing digital marketers to focus more on the task at hand.

Creative exchange - powerful theming workflow


Creative exchange allows agencies and/or front-end teams to easily export an Adobe CQ site based on Zen Garden. The Zen Garden theming workflow does not require any new back-end code changes which fundamentally changes the speed at which new sites can be styled and launched.

Mobile responsive design support


The layout engine and all components have "responsive" awareness built in them. By default Zen Garden comes with desktop, tablet and mobile breakpoints but more or less responsive breakpoints can be introduced if desired. Using Adobe's mobile capability, sites can now be further optimised for each channel by delivering the correct digital assets and tailored content all in a single authoring workflow. This allows a high end user experience to be achieved with a combination of responsive design and multi-channel content targeting.

Extensible wireframe theme


Zen Garden is shipped with a default wireframe that can be used as basis for skinning/theming a new website user experience. It's desktop, tablet and mobile responsive ready providing best development practices to be taken advantage off. Beyond this, content entry for a site can begin using the wireframe theme while a new theme is being skinned, reducing over all time to market.


Zen Garden brings the theming capability of the likes of Wordpress to Adobe CQ - an enterprise level web content management system. With a set of highly reusable components, a layout builder and other features, you are able to significantly reduce the time to market without having the need to build the common building blocks of a typical website.

For more information

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Author: Fahim Salim
Published: 02 September 2013
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