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22 May 2014David Friar

As an unashamed techie I always enjoy the Adobe Summit as a chance to pick up information about what’s on the technical horizon but also, and perhaps more importantly, as a chance to see the bigger picture of how the world looks from our clients’ point of view.

The proudest moment for me as a Cognifider was to hear Jan Detert from GSK giving a presentation on the very tangible (and huge) benefits they have gained from using our Zen Garden product. Many thanks to Jan for presenting the story so eloquently and for doing a much better sales job than we could ever have done ourselves.

There was a huge buzz this year around Adobe Campaign and around the work that’s been done to enable a single customer profile to work seamlessly across the whole Marketing Cloud. I can see us doing great and clever things with this and I’m very much looking forward to getting to grips with the technical details.

It was great also to meet the guys from our new partners Elastic Path and to see the amazing work they’ve already done on creating a set of AEM components that put eCommerce functionality into the hands of AEM authors. Their roadmap is very ambitious and I looking forward to getting to grips with how we can bring some Cognifide magic into this too.

As always, we got some sneak peeks of clever stuff that Adobe engineers are up to behind the scenes. My favourite was ‘Author Me’ – some sneaky proxying wizardry that allows AEM to content manage parts of sites that aren’t even running on AEM. If this makes it into the product we’ll have some fun with it.

And finally, we were reminded that yes Adobe sure do know how to throw a party…. but so it seems do Cognifide. Soaking up the sun on the top deck of “Ray’s yacht” chatting to our newest clients was definitely a moment to remember.

Author: David Friar
Published: 22 May 2014
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