My first ever Adobe Summit

29 May 2014Michal Papciak

It was my first ever Adobe Summit and what struck me straightaway was the size of the event. I have to admit that Adobe surely knows how to organize stuff – the amount of clients, stands, sessions and tech labs was truly overwhelming.

After the opening session I had to grab my pc and figure out what labs would bring the most value – it wasn't an easy task, as there was a total of 97 (!) to pick from.

Eventually, I ended up picking a mix of Analytics, Target, Campaign and integration with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). I have to admit one thing – with AEM 6 on the horizon, the entire AMC is really starting to come together.

After a couple of sessions I was under the impression that I'm finally looking at the entire platform, rather than just a set of separate products (I wasn't able to tell whether I’m looking at AEM now, or maybe on Target or Campaign, or maybe something else). This obviously is a good thing – Adobe aims towards delivering a full blown product and it looks like they’re heading to the right direction. Most importantly though – it’s not only a unified interface, it’s more about the product integration – it seems like with AEM 6 it will be much easier to incorporate analytic tools. Introducing Dynamic Tag Management to AEM is another important milestone.

All in all a very good event – I was surprised how much attention was given to analytics in general – a lot of buzzwords, with Campaign, Analytics and Target mixture leading. Social, Audience Manager and others were heavily promoted as well. Exciting times to come for sure!

Oh, Ray’s yacht was amazing as well :).

Author: Michal Papciak
Published: 29 May 2014

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