Creativity without Compromise

03 August 2015Cleve Gibbon

AEMHub 2015: Creativity without Compromise

Cognifide will be running AEMHub for the second year running.  AEMHub is an Adobe conference for content and technology experts looking to share and explore innovative ways to better manage customer experiences across mobile, web, and social channels. 

This year Roy Fielding kicks off AEMHub.  Roy is Senior Principal Scientist at Adobe who knows a few things about the web.  He co-founded Apache, authored REST and other Web standards including URI, HTTP/1.x and URI templates.  He is joined by a number of seasoned digital professionals designing, building and deploying experience platforms using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

But let me take you back to a 2011 Forrester Wave report[1] that defined Customer Experience Management (CxM) as: 

A set of solutions that enable the management and delivery of dynamic, targeted, consistent content, offers, products, and services interactions across digitally enabled consumer touchpoints 

We also shared this view and in early 2011 we presented at the Adobe Partner Conference in Barcelona on how to build marketing technology platforms to engage with global brands[2].  At the time, our thinking was that the CMS resides at the centre of every CxM platform solution[3]. But nothing stays in the same place for long.  The digital landscape continues to change at pace resulting in a markedly different size, shape and scope of a marketing technology stack, which Scott Brinker, Chief MarTech highlights as being comprised of:

  1. CRM Platform (Marketing)
  2. Data Management Platform (AdTech)
  3. Web Experience Platform and/or eCommerce Platform (CxM)
  4. Marketing Automation Platform (MarOps)
  5. Social Relationship Management Platform (Listening)

There is no single marketing technology platform that spans the entire marketing technology stack.  There isn’t a centre.  Instead there are a series of key “anchor” platforms that make up a highly complex and integrated marketing technology ecosystem.  More to the point, each ecosystem is bespoke to a brand.  No two are the same and the new skills required to plan, design, build and operate this technology ecosystem need to be sourced both inside and outside of the organisation.  With all this change and uncertainty, how do you continuously realise the business benefits for a brand-specific marketing technology ecosystem within such a dynamic, complex and fast moving environment?

Think big, start small.  You break down the problem into identifiable and quantifiable business benefits.  Then apply razor sharp focus to realise those prioritised benefits against a transparent timeline. A roadmap.  And on that roadmap, one critical benefit keeps returning, time and time again.  The ability for brands to create, manage and deliver experiences with the flexibility,  creativity, and autonomy to meet consumers expectations.  In short, to enable creativity without compromise.

Creativity without Compromise

AEM is a powerful, multi-channel experience platform.  Cognifide is a long term partner of Adobe and we’ve learnt that there are two key parts to a successful experience solution: the core platform and creative production.  Success hinges upon the conscious decoupling of the two.  They operate at different speeds.  They serve different audience.  They deliver different benefits.  Platforms need to be slower, more considered, risk averse; to deliver common capabilities in a reliable, predictable and scalable manner.  Creative production lives within a disruptive, uncertain, risk tolerant environment of marketing; to empower brands to creative with compromise and flex to meet unknown consumer engagement needs.    

Both are necessary and inter-linked.  In the same way, Apple shifted to focus more on the iOS platform to enable the creative production of  mobile apps by a diverse mobile developer community, so to must brands building experience platforms to empower their global network of partners and agencies to use creative production to build highly complex and dynamic web, mobile and social sites across both owned and earned media. 


Join us at AEMHub 2015 to learn strategies and tactics from some of the leading AEM partners and Adobe themselves on delivering highly relevant, content-driven experiences.  

Don’t compromise. Create!


Author: Cleve Gibbon
Published: 03 August 2015
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