02 July 2013Tomasz Rekawek

6 Cognifide geeks driving in 1 car over 1100 km to a beautiful city in Switzerland to exchange their CMS experience with other CQ maniacs - I couldn't imagine a better plan for a week in June. The event that gathered AEM enthusiasts from all over Europe was CQCON 2013, a two-day meeting organised in Basel by Adobe and UNIC - the very place where CQ had been born. The conference started on 20th June and was a great opportunity to make new contacts, meet old friends and exchange technical knowledge. In this post I'd like to tell you about the most interesting things which happened during these two days.

I'm a technical person, so each presentation was music to my ears. My favourite speech was 5 features of the Sling API you should know delivered by Olaf Otto - 45 minutes filled with a lot of interesting and useful stuff available in the Sling API. I really recommend seeing this linked presentation if you couldn't make it to CQCON. There was also the other interesting speech on Sling API: Sling Component Filters in CQ5 by Dominik Suess. The second place on my private top list goes to Michael Marth and his Scaling CQ5 talk. Michael presented the most common scaling problems a CQ installation can suffer and showed how they can be avoided. These were my favourites, but in fact all presentations were pretty interesting and worth seeing. Check it yourself, at the CQCON schedule page. Among them you'll find two talks given by Cognifide folks: our colleague Jan Kuźniak (who presented a great idea of using HTML mocks when working with a creative agency effectively) and me (I talked about the SecureCQ tool).


It was a really hot day

Besides presentations, CQCON was a great opportunity to tighten relations in the small CQ world. We chatted to other CQ geeks by discussing the talks, exchanging ideas, problems and solutions with one another. We even met folks from Poland, which was a nice surprise and we'll keep in touch with them (hi Solsoft people! :) ) for sure. There were also lots of Adobe employees, and we tried hard to worm some details about future versions of AEM out of them.

In the evening we went out to the city centre. Basel is a beautiful place and for sure it wasn't the last time we visited it. The most amazing thing was the Rhine - so clean that many people were actually swimming in it! We didn't have enough courage to jump into the river, but couldn't resist dipping feet in the water. What a nice feeling after such a hot day!

I think the conference was an extremely successful event. It was abundant in great presentations and many interesting conversations. I'm already looking forward to CQCON 2014 but before that we will have adaptTo in Berlin on our radars - see you there! :)

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Author: Tomasz Rekawek
Published: 02 July 2013

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