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16 July 2014Andrzej Bobak


Basel is a marvelous city founded by the river Rhein. It is located in the northwestern part of the Switzerland at the borders of Switzerland, France and Germany. It is a wonderful place for sightseeing, long bicycle travels, or indulging yourself with famous Swiss chocolates. But the most important thing about Basel for us, CQ/AEM developers, is that on 24th and 25th of June it held ConnectCon conference.


Marker of border of Switzerland, France and Germany

My colleagues from Cognifide and I had a chance to attend to the conference. Some of us as also had a chance to participate as conference speakers. We had an opportunity to watch many interesting presentations from various fields of CQ/AEM projects development and delivery. I’ll briefly mention about a few of those I enjoyed the most.

Day 1

Keynote presented by Bertrand Delcaretaz reminded me of the most important requirements, every solution should meet: simplicity and durability. Everything we develop should be designed to be easy to maintain and maintenance itself should be an exception, not a common rule. Ben Zahler gave an interesting talk about Apache Oak, the successor of Apache Jackrabbit, used in AEM 6 as content repository. Presentation was suited for developers, full of interesting technical details, advices and useful tips.

Day 2

Second day of the conference was dominated by two topics: Sightly and Neba. There was one presentation I’d like to mention beforehand. My colleague from Cognifide, Mateusz Chromiński, Technical Leader of Zen Garden project shared some thoughts on when to create new components  and when to say no to client. He also shared some thoughts on how to design a component to maximize its usefulness  to the client.

First presentation of the day covered the topic of Neba. Olaf Otto presented features of this powerful framework: integrating Spring into the CQ/AEM stack and mapping resources to Java models. Later on Christoph Huber and  Daniel Rey showed us some Neba features in action. If you’re interested in learning more about Neba you'll find a lot of useful information on its homepage.

The other topic of the day was Sightly, a new markup language created by Adobe, also introduced in AEM 6. First Senol Tas and Gabriel Walt from Adobe showed us how to develop components using Sightly. After that my colleagues from Cognifide, Maciej Majchrzak and Jan Kuźniak shared their hands on experience from project built with Sightly markup and Slice, an interesting counterpart for Neba.


For me ConnectCon was a wonderful two days event full of practical knowledge sharing, some social networking and a chance for sightseeing a beautiful city. The conference showed me a few new fields I should explore in order to stay in touch with latest AEM tools and features. I can’t wait for the next year’s edition.


One of many beautiful views of Basel

Author: Andrzej Bobak
Published: 16 July 2014

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