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24 June 2014Tomasz Rekawek

The House of Blues in Chicago is a magical music concert hall and restaurant, situated downtown, next to the Chicago River. This place offers great food, unusual, American decoration and a great atmosphere. I'm really happy that Citytech, Inc. decided to organize CIRCUIT 2014 conference in the House. The event took place at the beginning of June and lasted for two days. There were a lot of interesting presentations, all of which were technical and related to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and underlying technologies such as Sling and Oak.

AEM 6 introduces many new technologies and the conference was a nice opportunity to get familiar with them. We had the opportunity to learn about Sightly, Oak, Handlebars and UI customization. Besides that, speakers presented detailed and interesting information about well-known mechanisms like content replication and Sling Mappings - it's always good to exchange ideas and see other people tips and solutions.

CIRCUIT was also a chance to present new tools. Citytech astonished everyone by presenting brilliant tools like functional test engine Propser, AEM extension Client Librarian and very useful Groovy Console. Also Cognifide gave away one of its tools, SlingQuery, which was warmly received and probably will be included in the next version of Sling and AEM.

I think that gathering together and sharing interesting solutions is the best part of every conference and such a creative, enthusiastic atmosphere was noticeable throughout the whole meeting. It was a great two day event and I'm looking forward to the next CIRCUIT.

Author: Tomasz Rekawek
Published: 24 June 2014

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