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22 May 2014Adam Najmanowicz

As every year Adobe Summit was an overwhelming and very positive experience. We had a chance to look at what we do daily impacts numerous audiences, varying from Marketing, Engineering to Finance and Web Analytics and for me it was especially personal in one particular aspect... I've had a chance to attend a talk delivered by Jan Detert from GSK, a great client of Cognifide and user of our Zen Garden product.

I'm involved in development of Zen Garden on a daily basis - heading its engineering and making a great deal of design calls on user experiences and its architecture. While I always think of the users of our product first, it's not that often that I get to actually hear their experiences and how this impacts their day-to-day operations. I can easily say that Jan's presentation made the conference an absolute delight for me! The sweeping changes that Zen Garden has on their site delivery and the acceleration that they have achieved has completely exceeded my expectations!

To quote just some numbers that Jan has provided:

  • They were able to reduce the development effort from the peak of 150 people to just 6!
  • Initial master site setup reduced from 5 weeks to 4 days
  • Development effort reduced by 90% by using the OOTB components
  • 50 projects to be delivered from April to September by a team of 6 people

My mind was absolutely blown! It's not often that you hear your work is impacting people's bottom line not by a 10 or 20 percent but by a factor of 10!

I've left the conference reinvigorated and with great confidence that our customers are well served by our products. Thank you Jan for sharing your experiences it with us, and thank you Adobe for the fantastic event!

Author: Adam Najmanowicz
Published: 22 May 2014
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