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Everyone who's joined Cognifide is always struck by how nice we are. Truly. We call ourselves Cognifiders and we look after each other, challenge each other and flourish together. We encourage ideas and development, supporting each other to be the best we can be.

Cognifide Culture

Our culture is a common behaviour that we live by. It benefits us all, and in turn it benefits the clients we work for.

We keep things simple, we trust and respect each other, we share responsibility and give everyone a chance to challenge and improve things. We focus on what's important, without distractions, and we deliver craftsmanship, built of our collective skill, experience and attention to detail.

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Work and Fun

We work hard and play hard here at Cognifide. And although we have fun every day in the office, we also make sure that we get together occasionally for some proper time out. Every Spring, staff from all our offices get together with their families in the beautiful town of Poznan. Then comes a fantastic Christmas Party, which all staff once again celebrate together.
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Cognifide Cares

It’s not all about us. We care passionately about the communities and the environment that we live in and actively encourage each and every Cognifider to play a part in our undertaking to be good citizens.

We look after our colleagues, promoting a healthy lifestyle and eco-friendly habits, and we try to make a difference in the lives of others through our initiatives within education and the community.

We have an incredible culture at Cognifide. We are given responsibility and act responsibly with it. We support each other and encourage employee development.
The perfect Cognifide employee asks question upon question, wants to learn and develop, isn't afraid to put forward great new ideas, wants to carry responsibility, puts their hand up in order to take on tasks even outside their remit, overcomes obstacles by seeing challenges as chances.
At Cognifide you aren't boxed in to a small part of the business. Here you are encouraged to look beyond and develop. You are seen as an integral part of the business and not as a number.
We are aware that we have an exceptional corporate climate and company culture. Everyone is an ambassador of our brand and our culture and even though we are growing and developing as a business, that is an element that binds us together: protecting and enhancing all that is great about Cognifide across our offices. One goal, one culture, one Cognifide!