Experiences customers want

Is the online experience living up to consumer expectations?

The events of 2020 have changed the way we interact with brands, forcing consumers to rely more heavily on digital services. As a result, the online experience has become more important than ever. But is this experience living up to consumer expectations? Or are brands falling short? Our latest report asks consumers what is really important to them and looks at where brands are currently challenged to deliver.

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Experiences Customers Want

Our latest report, surveyed 1,000 consumers and 500 CX decision-makers from across the UK in July 2020. As we head into recession, with so much of our lives being played out in the digital space, the online customer experience will be where brands define their success. Download the report now for the latest insights on where your CX spend will really deliver value.

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  • 48%

    of consumers say that being made to feel valued as a customer is a top priority

  • But only 16%

    feel that a personal connection with brands is important

  • 76%

    of decision-makers say they personalise experiences based on customer data and behaviour

  • But only 14%

    of CX decision-makers are prioritising the content required to support personalisation

While well-intentioned personalisation strategies set out to make consumers feel valued, it’s very clear that customers don’t always feel the love.

Getting personalisation right is hard and requires data, content and campaign orchestration to be aligned and working in harmony. So, with only 14% of CX decision-makers prioritising personalised content, against 76% who say they are personalising experiences based on customer data, there is clearly a mismatch between the aspiration to personalise and the ability to deliver.

The report also reveals how targeted ads risk alienating customers and suggests that decision-makers would be better off investing in the collection and analysis of 1st party data to drive the considered curation of content.

It’s clear that customers want to be treated as individuals, yet personalisation often seems to be missing the mark.

  • 37%

    of consumers name slow websites as their number one pain point when dealing with brands online

  • 33%

    say that targeted ads come a close second when it comes to top frustrations

  • 29%

    find hard-to-navigate websites are a major annoyance

  • 21%

    of consumers claim that a slow website is a deal breaker and would stop them interacting with a brand altogether

It seems that while we are leading more of our lives online, it’s the fundamentals that really matter.

With over a fifth of our consumer sample telling us that a slow website would actually stop them interacting with a brand, performance is at the top of customer pain points. Evidently, there is room for improvement and it’s clear that consumers would like brands to fix these fundamentals before embarking on more ambitious engagement strategies such as personalisation.

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  • 42%

    of consumers say that a seamless experience is within their top 3 priorities

  • But only 11%

    of decision-makers think that a connected experience is the most important factor for great customer experience

  • 45%

    of consumers say social media improves their experience with companies

  • But only 16%

    of them think that brands’ social media presences are up to scratch

The dominance of the search engine is waning and consumers are instead turning to social media to begin their journey, which will likely have multiple touch points. Customers expect brands to be able to join the dots between these touch points and offer up a seamless and consistent experience. Our research tells us that the focus for brands needs to shift with a greater priority on stitching together data to better engage customers on every relevant channel.

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