About Cognifide

Our name, Cognifide, brings together two words that underpin our business; cognition and fidelity.

Cognition reflects our experience and expertise, and fidelity means that if we make a commitment, we always honour it. Being dependable and delivering high quality work is hugely important to us.

How it began

The company was founded in 2005 by Miro Walker and Stuart Dean in a garage in Poznan, Poland. As digital agencies were developing, they saw that technology tended to be an afterthought to the ‘imagineers’. When they established Cognifide they put technology, and the value it unlocks, at the heart of the business.

Part of the WPP family

In 2014 Cognifide was acquired by WPP and we became part of the Wunderman network. This means that we have access to some of the leading specialists in the industry through our sister agencies, Wunderman, POSSIBLE, Acceleration, Wunderman Commerce and Burrows. Together we were ranked 5th in Econsultancy's Top Digital Agencies report for 2018.

Digital freedom

Real success comes when you are in control and can push the execution out to where the ideas happen. We make sure your customer experience visionaries and content authors have the freedom to create, without having to rely on software engineers to execute their ideas. By releasing creators to do what they do best, we free you to focus on delivering better customer experiences. We call this digital freedom.

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We help businesses unlock the value of digital technology at scale.



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