Through our partnership with Adobe we have an exceptional record of successful AEM implementations and on-going relationships with some of the world’s most demanding brands including Investec, Virgin Media, John Lewis and RBS.

Cognifide is the UK’s leading provider of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) services. In May 2014 at Adobe Summit EMEA we were recognised for our outstanding contributions in Northern Europe. We have over a decade of deep technical expertise in AEM (CQ5) Strategy, Development, Architecture and Consultancy and have direct input into the strategy and direction of AEM – regularly working with the Adobe’s engineering team to extend and enhance the product suite.

Cognifide Accelerators for AEM


How do you accelerate local market enablement? With the Zen Garden industry accelerators, digital marketers have accelerated capability to deploy multiple responsive websites quickly and cost effectively without technical involvement and whilst maintain governance standards. This tool uniquely separates front-end and back-end development, enabling the parallelisation of design, content and development.

A Zen Garden Case Study presented by a Cognifide Customer

Watch "Accelerate! Launch faster with Zen Garden for FMCG," recorded at Adobe Summit EMEA. This presentation is a first-hand account of a Cognifide customer's experience using Zen Garden at one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. 

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If you need to put more power in the hands of your salesforce, Zengage is for you! Built on AEM, Zengage is a powerful Enterprise Closed Loop Marketing tool designed to meet the needs of eDetailing in the pharmaceutical industry and iSelling. Through this securely encrypted app, sales people can arrange visits and make powerful sales presentations while capturing prospect data and analytics along the way.  Meanwhile, marketing can manage all of the content available to sales people through AEM, equipping them with unrivalled efficiency and control. You won’t find a more powerful iSelling or eDetailing solution.

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Cognifide and the AEM Community

In April 2014, Cognifide created and hosted a new developer conference. AEM Hub is a brand new community-based CQ event for a two day technical meetup in London focused on Adobe AEM (CQ) as the hub of an enterprise platform where developers can share, code and deliver with their peers.

Members of Cognifide’s AEM development team regularly speak at conferences across Europe and participate in technical user groups.

We are recognised by Adobe, our clients and competitors as having unrivalled strength in providing not just Adobe Experience Manager (CQ5) projects but more importantly expertise and are proud of the on-going relationships we have with our clients and our status as certified Adobe training providers.

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