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Cognifide uses the world's best marketing technology platforms to empower agencies and brand marketers to deliver the extraordinary. We do this by using our expertise in Adobe and Sitecore technology to build powerful digital marketing platforms.
As well as providing market-leading technology, we help businesses to adapt their processes so they can make the most of the tools at their fingertips. A digital marketing strategy WILL fail if you do not have the right structure in place to support it. That means building digital capability within your business.
Cognifide understands the immediacy of the digital age. What marketers need most is the ability to respond quickly and effectively. We work with leading brands such as John Lewis, Virgin Media, and GlaxoSmithKline, to provide them with the tools and knowledge to activate their own marketing campaigns, without having to involve a developer.
Adobe Experience Manager has been instrumental in enabling us to launch local country sites that provide both locally authored content tailored to specific markets, and generic content applicable to the group as a whole, across our international footprint. 

Fahim Salim