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Designing and managing Global Digital Ecosystems to deliver rich, consistent and meaningful customer experiences.
Set your content free

Organisations like yours face big, complex digital challenges. Designing, building and operating a technology platform is time consuming and costly. Finding a development partner with the right experience and expertise is not easy.

Cognifide liberates you from the burden of delivering outstanding digital experiences by accelerating the entire process.

We help you succeed by pushing execution out to where the ideas happen. 

By releasing your content creators from restrictive development cycles, we free them to focus on delivery and customer engagement. 

We focus on people, process, technology and deep domain knowledge to deliver exceptional digital experiences, at speed and in real time. 

We give you control of the platform, then work with you and your partners wherever you need our expertise. 

We set your content free.


All five sites were launched on time and without any glitches. For the first time, content on these Penguin Random House sites can be managed directly by the creative team, massively reducing the time taken to make changes, empowering marketers to deliver with immediacy.

Digital Director, Penguin Random House