3 Reasons Digital Transformation Projects Fail

13 April 2015
Kimberly Mccabe

Miro Walker, Cognifide's CEO recently published an article on CMO.com Three reasons why digital transformation projects fail.

Over 80% of all Customer Experience Management (CxM) projects fail. There are three key mistakes that CMOs can avoid to make sure their project is one of the 18% that succeed.

CMOs assume the “the project” has a beginning, a middle and an end. It hasn’t.

They see a slick demo by a technology provider and believe once implemented it will function as smoothly as the demo; even though it had little to do with the reality of how blood pumps through the organisation.

No one is planning for the period after the technology solution has been launched. How is going to be launched? Why would people use it? Which bits are most important? What does success look like?

CMOs find a CxM platform after a rigorous internal software evaluation committee review, they contract a company to implement it and believe that once launched their workforce will be readied for the digital future. This is not the case. These kind of projects are not finite. They are surrounded by dependencies. Brands typically begin by perusing the state-of-the-art in CxM software to find the best blend of features, roadmap, integration availability into other marketing tools and price. The RFP process focuses heavily on features that meet aspirations to transform the digital experience offered to customers. Unfortunately this will never achieve the best value for the company.

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