Interns and Graduates

We know that tomorrow's talent lies in today's graduates.


Cognifide Digital Academy

In our London head office, Cognifide runs a 12 month Graduate Scheme, which we call our Digital Academy. If you join this academy, you'll be known as a Digital Ninja. You'll work closely with a Senior Business Analyst and with clients to help identify, analyse and document the best digital solutions and customer experiences for our clients.

Training (0-2 months)

You'll spend the first two months of your life as a Junior Digital Ninja in training. Here, you'll receive all the tools you need to help you on your way to becoming a Business Analyst.

Rotation (3-4 months)

Months three and four involve on-the-job training. You'll rotate across different business areas to learn more about Cognifide and the different fields in a digital business.

Client Exposure (5-6 months)

We won't lock you away behind a computer screen. By your fifth month with us you'll be ready to start meeting clients. For the next two months we'll help you get client exposure and contribute to their success.

Graduate (7-12 months)

Successful graduation from the Digital Academy means that you will become a fully equipped Ninja - with the opportunity to become a permanent member of the team and a Junior Business Analyst.


Cognifide Career Start Up

In our office in Poznan, we run a 3 month Graduate Scheme known as the Career Start Up. You will have an opportunity to work with the specialists in one of our technical Practices and gain industry leading experience.

Induction Training (0-2 weeks)

For the first two weeks you will participate in training and workshops in which we can get to know each other. We share our knowledge about products, processes and best practice to provide you with a solid start.

On the job training (3 – 6 weeks)

The most intensive phase of Career Start Up is during weeks three to six: on-the-job training. You will have a chance to work on a business project and to achieve some personal goals. Your mentor and line manager will take care of you at every step of your development path. You have an opportunity to take part in our Internal Training Program: the technical part supports you in extending your knowledge and the soft skills part helps you to constantly improve your teamwork.

Feedback (7 - 10 weeks)

The last weeks of this adventure will be all about feedback. We will highlight your strengths and sum up your achievements. You will be ready to move forward with your own personal goals.

Graduate (11-12 weeks)

Successful graduation from the Career Start Up means that you are now a Cognifide Engineer and have the opportunity to become a permanent full or part-time member of the team.
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