Cognifide Cares

We take care of each other and the communities in which we work.


At Cognifide we enjoy our success but we also know not to take it for granted. As employees we are bonded by a culture of mutual respect and shared responsibility and this extends to the communities and the world in which we live.

Every year we set aside a percentage of our profit and a portion of everyone’s time to promoting and benefiting causes that are dear to us. We ask colleagues to tell us what they really care about which currently focuses our efforts on education, inclusion, diversity and our environment.


Knowledge Management Ambassadors

In 2015 we earned the title of Knowledge Management Ambassadors for our knowledge sharing program in Poland. This recognises our collaboration with universities, schools and the technology community in Poznan where our Centre of Engineering is based.

Amongst other things, Cognifide volunteers have co-created a course that helps graduates transition from education to business and we regularly host knowledge sharing meetings for the Tech Society.


The Super App Idea Competition

Encouraging and nurturing digital talent in children, the Super App Idea Competition, open to UK residents from 11-17 years of age, turns great ideas into real apps. Cognifide sponsors this competition, the brainchild of our colleague, Ivan Gasparetto.

Diversity in Tech

Devoxx4Kids is a worldwide initiative that encourages children from all backgrounds to take a step into the digital world by learning how to code. We are proud supporters of the event in Poznań which has inspired us to organise additional programming workshops for children. We’re also passionate about encouraging women in technology and support Rails Girls Poznan which is a women-only programming workshop.

Project ShoeBox

We support abused and homeless women at Christmas through Project ShoeBox, another great charity founded by our Cognifide colleague, Kate Kenyon. Project ShoeBox asks people to donate toiletries, make-up and personal care products for distribution to domestic violence shelters throughout the UK.

Swoboda Family Support Centre

Cognifiders volunteer at this children’s home in Poznan, encouraging the children to read, organising workshops, sending Christmas gifts and fundraising.

Dobra Café

Dobra Café in Poznan is a fabulous place run by people with mental disabilities. We support them financially and use their catering services for our business meetings whilst encouraging others in Poznan’s business community to do the same.

Sustainable transportation

We promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage colleagues to cycle to work by holding a Sustainable Transportation week every year. We reward people who cycle to work with useful gadgets and we even have a repair station for bicycles in our office.