Virgin Media

Case Study

Virgin Media Case Study

Empowering Virgin Media

Approximately 10 million customers enjoy Virgin Media’s broadband, digital TV, telephone and mobile services. Virgin Media is the UK’s leading entertainment and communications company. As part of a larger strategic rollout, we were asked to plan, build and support the development of the digital content platform for

The Challenge

The previous iteration of the website offered little in the way of content authoring capabilities, so this was a key requirement for the new platform. In addition, we were asked to build an agile, scalable and easy to manage platform that was fully integrated into Virgin Media’s Elastic Path commerce system, enabling product, pricing and complex bundling information to be delivered through the new platform.

Our approach

Adobe AEM was chosen and a comprehensive scope of works was created. A selection of task-orientated stories followed, capturing marketer and content author needs. For this build we created stories based on how multiple authoring, workflows and administration screens for non-IT authors would work best. Additional stories were created to show how a new digital library, containing retail-focused components would be deployed, and how the customer might enjoy a seamless experience powered by the underlying Elastic Path system. Elastic Path’s mature API approach enabled AEM to pull through product, pricing and complex bundling information for use throughout the experience. Within the ecommerce layers, multiple content management capabilities were built in so that a variety of marketing campaigns could be deployed quickly.

When we pushed out a new area on the eSales platform, it soon became a good story of how the CMS is helping us to turn such things around quickly and easily. All involved from the eComm team have been really impressed by the solution that Cognifide delivered for us. We’ve had many people in the business telling me what a refreshing experience it was. Basically, it’s doing the job we wanted it to do, which is splendid news.

Ben Cotton, Head of Online Department