Global digital content strategy...delivered.

Investec is a global financial services company offering a range of services from asset management to investment banking. With principal markets in the UK, South Africa and Australia, Investec's growing global digital content strategy was restrained by existing technologies and required a global digital content platform that would empower employees to deliver strong worldwide customer experiences.

"Adobe Experience Manager has been instrumental in enabling us to launch local country sites that provide both locally authored content tailored to specific markets, and generic content applicable to the group as a whole, across our international footprint." 


Investec’s website had been built on a platform that overtime had become extremely slow to load and required all global content to be managed from Johannesburg, South Africa. Customers needed to access timely information about market conditions, investment opportunities and new products, while providing clients with convenient communications and transactional tools. Yet, the existing platform made it nearly impossible to deliver multi-channel optimised and regionalised content. Further, Investec had limited means to analyse the success of content and better understand how web visitors were interacting in order to deliver the strong brand experiences customers expected of the Investec brand.

In recent years, high net worth individuals have become increasingly less interested on relying on intermediaries such as lawyers and accountants to manage their assets. To maintain relationships and acquire new high net worth clients, Investec knew that creating a sensational self-service functionality was a competitive requirement.

As Adobe’s premier UK partner for transforming digital capability with Adobe Experience Manager, Cognifide equipped Investec with a technology solution to deliver leading customer experiences. AEM enables Investec design flexibility, having virtually no software-imposed constraints to generic templates, and thus enabled to create the brand experience desired.

Investec is now able to empower hundreds of their business users such as content authors and marketers in 15 regions to create regionalised customer experiences while maintaining strong brand continuity. And visitors noticed the improvements: website traffic quickly doubled.

This capability is especially critical given the highly local nature of investment and cash management, which is influenced by variations in regulations, jurisdictions, and tax codes from place to place.

While empowering such a large number of personnel to create new content, often on a daily basis, Investec is even better able to adhere to a high level of web content governance, critical in such a highly regulated
environment. In AEM, Cognifide created specific workflows to manage the specific approval processes required by different departments.

Visitors and content authors alike, benefit from the new site which has significantly faster load time. The new clients exploring the brand for the first time can now choose the right content for their needs, straight from the home page.

Investec’s website was launched with enormous improvements on time and on budget and has continued exceptional growth in terms of visitors and sales of Investec’s financial products.