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"Providing employees with a consistent way to manage content and campaigns and customers with an enhanced digital experience.

Virgin Media provides broadband, digital TV, telephone and mobile services to approximately 10 million customers. Virgin Media is the UK’s leading entertainment and communications company. We were asked to plan, build and support the development of VirginMedia.com. This involved integrating t​he ecommerce system and providing a scalable digital content platform using the Adobe's suite of applications. The new website now provides employees with a consistent way to manage content and campaigns and engage customers with an enhanced digital experience.

Read more about how we built an agile, scalable and easy to manage platform that was fully integrated into the Virgin Media ecommerce system by downloading the case study.

  • The John Lewis Partnership's 85,500 members of staff are Partners who own the leading UK retail businesses - John Lewis and Waitrose supermarkets.


    The Situation

    The ultimate purpose of the John Lewis Partnership (JLP) is ‘the happiness of Partners through worthwhile employment in a successful business.’ Internal communications are invaluable to keeping Partners engaged and maximising their contributions, skills, talents, performance, and experience. After all, each of these permanent staff members are more than employees, they’re partners who share in the success of the business through benefits and profits.

    The Challenge

    Across its four divisions, Partners told JLP that they struggled to find information they needed on the intranet and found it equally difficult to create and publish content. JLP decided the best way to design an intranet that would meet the needs of partners was to use an external agency to interview Partners about what they wanted to accomplish through the Intranet. Through these interviews, Partners revealed that it was very important to have an intranet that was simple to search and navigate and which would be accessible anywhere by any device. Through this interview process JLP realised that many Partners were very driven, regularly reading about the company and new products outside of their normal business hours.

    The JLP intranet was a bespoke platform which was built in 2000 to support the sharing of company information. Like many older intranets it quickly became difficult to manage with a lack of content architecture or workflow control. Eventually, the bespoke intranet no longer had the level of technical support required to meet the business or Partner’s needs; it was outdated from a UX, content editing and technology perspective. JLP had a vision, to create an extraordinary intranet for their well-deserving community of partners.   

    The Solution

    JLP had previously chosen to invest in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to manage content on all public facing websites including part of Waitrose.com. Pleased with the platform, John Lewis decided to look for a technology partner to build revolutionary new company intranet on AEM. Having built an extensive portfolio of expertise in designing and implementing Adobe Experience Manager solutions, John Lewis chose Cognifide to execute this innovative project. 

    John Lewis provided Cognifide with the strategy and creative concepts produced by their creative agency. Cognifide took these concepts and applied them to a delivery plan to develop a new and highly effective intranet. To quicken project delivery, Cognifide joined forces with John Lewis’s IT department to prepare them for working in Cognifide’s Agile working environment including stand ups, demos, and task boards for analysis and development workstreams.

    The Results

    Before the new intranet was live, John Lewis was able to experience the new efficiency for content authors with over 400 authors empowered to efficiently publish over 5,000 articles in preparation for launch using 20 customizable templates to maintain consistent branding. Content authoring is in part simplied by the AEM user-interface and the centralisation of media assets for use on the site. The goal of improved search was achieved through a well-defined website navigation, localisation, streamlined search and highly visible links to important information.

    John Lewis launched the new Intranet, quickly receiving very positive feedback from their Partners. The intranet received over 14,000 hits during the first weekend it was live, with over 5,500 of those visits originating from mobile devices. This proved to John Lewis that Partners had a much improved user experience, finding it much easier to locate information. This achievement enables Partners to access important information such as pay schedules, policies, procedures, and product information rapidly and without logging in unless they are outside the Partnership network or using their own devices.

    What I must say is that I've been blown away by your professionalism, knowledge, skill and dedication to go over and above what's been asked of you every step along the sometimes bumpy road of project JET. I'm writing this on the train home after the quietest 3 days I can remember after ANY project launch, let alone one for over 85,000 Partners all too willing to pick fault.  That's largely down to the skills of Cognifide. From the analysis you hadn't expected to be required to do, to the design to use the GSA for the dynamic content selection, to meeting our challenges on cachability of the site, and more. John Lewis Partnership now has an intranet platform to be proud of.  A comment that I hope will make you feel proud came from Gavin Howell - Head of Solution Development in Partnership Services IT, he explained that during his career this was the 5th intranet launch he'd overseen and it was by far the smoothest - pats on the back all round I think.”

    Colin Prior - Technical Application Architect, John Lewis Partnership

Improving usability which has positively impacted on the bottom line.

Every day millions of people and businesses use www.Skype.com to make free and low-costs calls across the world. Founded in 2003, Skype has offices across Europe, Asia and North America. Our task was to develop a new global content-management platform using Adobe’s suite of applications. The platform needed to be scalable but also had to take into account the needs of localised consumers and employees using the platform. Since launch, Skype has seen measurable improvements in usability which has positively impacted on the bottom line.

  • Global digital content strategy… delivered.


    Investec is a global financial services company offering a range of services from asset management to investment banking. With principal markets in the UK, South Africa and Australia, Investec’s growing global digital content strategy was restrained by existing technologies and required a global digital content platform that would empower employees to deliver strong worldwide customer experiences.  

    Investec’s website had been built on a platform that overtime had become extremely slow to load and required all global content to be managed from Johannesburg, South Africa. Customers needed to access timely information about market conditions, investment opportunities and new products, while providing clients with convenient communications and transactional tools. Yet, the existing platform made it nearly impossible to deliver multi-channel optimised and regionalised content. Further, Investec had limited means to analyse the success of content and better understand how web visitors were interacting in order to deliver the strong brand experiences customers expected of the Investec brand.

    In recent years, high net worth individuals have become increasingly less interested on relying on intermediaries such as lawyers and accountants to manage their assets. To maintain relationships and acquire new high net worth clients, Investec knew that creating a sensational self-service functionality was a competitive requirement.  

    The Solution

    Cognifide worked diligently with Investec to develop a new global digital strategy. Cognifide designed a plan that would enable delivery of targeted content to 15 regions with many content formats including reports, videos, and articles. The digital strategy was constructed to create more opportunities for Investec to create customer experiences that would keep visitors engaged with the brand by connecting them with relevant internal expert views and external resources.  

    To deliver this transformational digital strategy, Cognifide implemented the powerful Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), a part of Adobe Marketing Cloud.  As part of the development of this new solution, Cognifide collaborated with Investec to analyse the different content author needs across 15 different regions. 

    The Results

    As Adobe’s premier UK partner for transforming digital capability with Adobe Experience Manager, Cognifide equipped Investec with a technology solution to deliver leading customer experiences.  AEM gives Investec design flexibility, having virtually no software-imposed constraints to generic templates, and therefore enabled to create the brand experience desired.

    Investec is now able to empower hundreds of their business users such as content authors and marketers in 15 regions to create regionalised customer experiences while maintaining strong brand continuity. And visitors noticed the improvements: website traffic quickly doubled.

    This capability is especially critical given the highly local nature of investment and cash management, which is influenced by variations in regulations, jurisdictions, and tax codes from place to place.

    “Adobe CQ has been instrumental in enabling us to launch local country sites that provide both locally authored content tailored to specific markets, and generic content applicable to the group as a whole, across our international footprint,” 

    Fahim Salim, Global Online Marketing, Investec.

    While empowering such a large number of personnel to create new content, often on a daily basis, Investec is even better able to adhere to a high level of web content governance, critical in such a highly regulated environment. In AEM, Cognifide created specific workflows to manage the specific approval processes required by different departments. 

    Visitors and content authors alike, benefit from the new site which has significantly faster load time. The new clients exploring the brand for the first time can now choose the right content for their needs, straight from the home page

    Investec’s website was launched with enormous improvements on time and on budget and has continued exceptional growth in terms of visitors and sales of Investec’s financial products.