Online moving in-store Until a few years ago, many experts predicted that the internet would eventually sound the death-knell for high-street retailers. However, the widespread movement of brands successfully introducing elements of online shopping into their in-store environments has overturned this theory. Instead, retailers – online and offline – are creating engaging, seamless shopping experiences for customers, however they decide to interact with a brand. Much of the appeal of online...

  • sitecore-mvp-2014-technology-blog

    Cognifide’s Adam Najmanowicz and Marek Musielak awarded Sitecore “Most Valuable Professional”

    Posted 1/29/2014 by Magdalena Owsiana

    We are proud to announce that Adam Najmanowicz, Head of Product Engineering and Marek Musielak, Senior Software Engineer, of Cognifide have been named Sitecore Technology Most Valuable Professional (MVP), a global leader in customer experience management software, and a Cognifide technology partner. Adam and Marek were two of only 107 people worldwide to be named a Sitecore technology MVP this year. What is a Sitecore MVP? That’s easy. This title is awarded to people who are technical experts, ...

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  • track-sitecore-item-changes

    Tracking history of item fields changes in Sitecore

    Posted 12/29/2013 by Marek Musielak

    Sitecore tracks the information about the last time and by whom an item was updated by storing this information in __Updated and __Updated by fields. This information however is overwritten with every consecutive update. And in fact we're not able to tell what has changed. Sometimes we need to be able to tell more about the history of the item and about the changes performed by editors. This post explains how we can easily track more details about item updates. The easiest way of accessing th...

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  • sitecore-workflow-states-commands-actions

    Changing workflow state of Sitecore items programmatically

    Posted 12/27/2013 by Marek Musielak

    Sitecore Workflows provide a great mechanism of creating, maintaining and reviewing content. Editors can use built-in applications like Workbox or execute workflow commands from the Sitecore Content Editor or Page Editor. However in some cases developers need to change the workflow state of the item from the code without accessing UI. This blog post explains how this can be achieved in 3 scenarios: 1. Change workflow state of an item only. 2. Change workflow state of an item and execu...

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  • sitecore-de-serialization-powershell-console-cognifide

    Serialization and deserialization with Sitecore Powershell Extensions

    Posted 12/4/2013 by Marek Musielak

    Every time one asks about automation of processes or tasks in Sitecore I hear one answer: 'Sitecore Powershell Extensions'. In most cases it's really easy to find a script which suits your need, so I was really surprised when I tried to find an information how to deserialize items with Powershell Extensions and I wasn't able to google anything helpful. I hope this post will fill the gap. serialize-item Serialization of items with Sitecore Powershell Extensions uses serialize-item command. The...

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  • sitecore-lucene-search-and-indexing

    Pagination, sorting, crawling and storing data with Sitecore and Lucene

    Posted 11/20/2013 by Marek Musielak

    Most scenarios in which Lucene indexing and search are used in Sitecore are related to big sets of items. In other cases Sitecore API and Sitecore queries are sufficient. That's why when we display the results of Lucene search we need to include proper sorting and pagination of result sets and displaying the data from the Lucene index directly without accessing corresponding items for returned Lucene documents.  This post assumes that you have basic knowledge about using Lucene with Siteco...

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  • sitecore-lucene-search-and-indexing-queries

    Sitecore 6 Lucene Search: The most common queries

    Posted 11/11/2013 by Marek Musielak

    This blog post provides examples of most popular Lucene queries used while performing search in Sitecore 6 applications. If you need an introduction to Sitecore and Lucene you can find one in my other blog post: A quick guide how to setup the simplest Lucene search in Sitecore. And if the query you're looking for is not covered by this post do not hesitate to ask a question in a comment below this blog post. There are lot of ways of using Lucene search in Sitecore. What I want to show you is a ...

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  • sitecore-lucene-search-and-indexing

    Sitecore 6 Lucene Search: The most basic setup

    Posted 11/7/2013 by Marek Musielak

    This is the first blog post from the series of articles about using Lucene in Sitecore 6 solutions. It assumes that you know some basics of Sitecore but no Lucene knowledge is required. In this blog post I'm going to show you how to setup the most basic custom Lucene index in Sitecore and how to use it. Other topics related with Sitecore and Lucene will be covered in further posts. The web application I'm working on is an empty Sitecore 6.6 rev.130529 (Service Pack-1) solution without any mo...

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  • sitecoresummit-300x165

    Supercharge Your Sitecore Solution with PowerShell!

    Posted 10/17/2013 by Kimberly McCabe

      October 15th marked the start of the first Sitecore Users Virtual Summit which was a global event running for 24 hours straight. Cognifide’s Adam Najmanowicz helped kick off the virtual summit with his presentation "Supercharge your Sitecore Solution with PowerShell".   In this presentation Adam spoke about the possibilities and benefits realized from adding PowerShell scripting to a Sitecore solution. He discusses the status of the scripting solutions for Sitecor...

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  • sitecore-lucene-search-and-indexing

    Troubleshooting Sitecore Lucene search and indexing

    Posted 6/11/2013 by Marek Musielak

    While looking at Sitecore questions on I was quite surprised by the number of issues related to introducing Lucene index and search to Sitecore applications. Everyone knows about Sitecore Search and Indexing pdf on the Sitecore SDN site and about Sitecore Advanced Database Crawler, but it clearly doesn't contain the answers for some of the common questions. That's why I've written this blog post which I hope to be helpful for any developer having difficulties with Sitecore an...

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  • x-office-calendar2

    Help! Sitecore History Engine does not index some of my items!

    Posted 5/16/2013 by Adam Najmanowicz

    We, together with our client, have run into an issue with the Sitecore History Engine recently. The story is fairly simple yet coming to a conclusion was not that obvious. Some of our articles did not index in a multi-management server scenario properly. When articles were edited on one server, the second one didn't always pick up and index the changes. The scenario is as follows: We have a search based application delivered on top of Sitecore. The application supports business with ent...

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