Online moving in-store Until a few years ago, many experts predicted that the internet would eventually sound the death-knell for high-street retailers. However, the widespread movement of brands successfully introducing elements of online shopping into their in-store environments has overturned this theory. Instead, retailers – online and offline – are creating engaging, seamless shopping experiences for customers, however they decide to interact with a brand. Much of the appeal of online...

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    Branding Microsoft SharePoint Sites And Applications

    Posted 1/12/2012 by Andrzej Puciłowski

    Organisations tend to work hard in creating a smashing brand identity. Visual presence on the internet is especially important, as nowadays it is not uncommon for people to encounter new brands on the go. Many businesses tend to view their intranet sites and other internal web applications as important as their external applications. Here is a brief summary of how you can add custom branding to sites built on SharePoint 2010, which has become a widely used platform for creating all sorts of both...

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    SharePoint as a Web Content Management System

    Posted 9/19/2011 by Andrzej Puciłowski

    “I need a publishing platform. Could I just use SharePoint or will I need some other CMS?” If you were just asked the above question, I agree that it is fair to say that SharePoint is NOT a CMS… but it actually does not mean that Sharepoint cannot be used to manage and publish Web content! Microsoft’s knowledge management product or in simple terms - intranet solution has a complete set of publishing features, but it actually offers much more than. It could certainly be described as an en...

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