Online moving in-store Until a few years ago, many experts predicted that the internet would eventually sound the death-knell for high-street retailers. However, the widespread movement of brands successfully introducing elements of online shopping into their in-store environments has overturned this theory. Instead, retailers – online and offline – are creating engaging, seamless shopping experiences for customers, however they decide to interact with a brand. Much of the appeal of online...

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    Agile QA

    Posted 3/4/2014 by jedrzej.osinski

    The concept of software testing is as old as computer science itself. However, during a last few years the perception of a QA engineer in companies has significantly changed. The number of tasks associated with QA and the responsibilities of QA have been constantly increasing as the IT industry continuously discovers newer and newer meanings of the word quality. Let's review these changes... First, what is the definition of a tester? Well, if an employee from a different department is asked, t...

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    Evolution of test automation frameworks - Master Chef's choice: from spaghetti to cucumber

    Posted 6/25/2013 by lukasz.morawski

    Implementing automated tests is something that everybody wants to do. If you ask any tester - test automation is her/his aim. It is the golden target that every tester aims for, but only a few of them take pains to assess the required knowledge, being under the illusion that a programming language or expensive tool will suffice to cope with all the problems that are likely to arise. This is not true. Writing good automated tests is much harder than that. It requires some knowledge that this pos...

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    Global performance testing with Gomez

    Posted 8/9/2012 by Aneta Mirońska

     Continuous verification of cross-browsing, load, performance or even general availability of a given application has always posed a thorny problem for web owners and administrators. It has consumed much time and has posed an unenviable task to perform. What is even more important, the effort once made has had to be put again and again. Application performance management software turns out to be the best solution here. Although there is a whole bunch of tools that are more or less applicabl...

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    Test automation for mobile devices: Touch mobiles meet webdriver

    Posted 7/10/2012 by karol.kujawiak

    In the testers world automation is kind of like, for the want of a better phrase, "the icing on the cake". This area of quality assurance is certainly considered the most interesting and developmental. At Cognifide, we trust in automation. Although manual tests are necessary during the development process, constantly changing code deserves to be checked as a whole all the time and as automated tests of our web applications provide almost immediate feedback on the quality of the software we pro...

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    Testing Dojo - Barcode challenge

    Posted 5/30/2012 by lukasz.morawski

    The challenge was based on one of the Weekend Testing challenges and the aim was to practice usage of test techniques, pair collaboration, problem solving and, last but not least, have some fun. The mission is a "test this" type of mission.Application out how the barcode is generated and report any bugs within 20 minutes.Prerequisites4 laptopspencils and paper for notesThe DojoWe started with pairing and subject presentatio...

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  • lightbot-the-game

    Testing Dojo - The Light-bot game

    Posted 4/24/2012 by lukasz.morawski

    A different kettle of fish, this time. Improve your testing skills by playing games! This exercise, in particular, aims to improve problem solving skills of a tester. Also, encourage some creative thinking. Application Light-bot, a flash game ( - programme a little robot to "light" blue squares. Light-bot game, first levelMission Tasks: Finish as many levels as you can. Question: Does this teach you something? Additional task: try to implement...

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    Testing Dojo - Test Heuristics

    Posted 4/12/2012 by lukasz.morawski

    In my previous post, What’s a testing dojo, I described the purpose of having testing dojos and also described "how we do it" at Cognifide. Now, I'd like to share a detailed report from our exercises. So, here it goes. The mission I’ve chosen for the first testing dojo was "Learn new approaches". Recently, I’ve come across a couple of articles and posts on various blogs about test heuristics and thought the topic was interesting enough to be our first subject at Cognifide. Introduction The aim...

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    Mobile testing - emulators or real devices

    Posted 3/26/2012 by krzysztof.konopko

    Testing mobile applications and websites isn't new anymore. This post is reminiscent of the issues we faced when we started testing out web applications on mobiles. Main goals No compromises were going to be made with the functionality or design, i.e. the website had to work and look good for all visitors on mobile devices. The client provided us with an acceptable list of mobiles that they wished to support. We split it to two groups: touch screen and smart devices. Now,  our f...

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    Review - Application Security Testing Tools

    Posted 2/3/2012 by Jacek Maciejewski

    Although your web application's security is a critical issue nowadays, some companies tend to underestimate the magnitude. This is very unfortunate as security holes can affect not only your brand or profitability but more importantly, your users’ data which can potentially lead to further problems. It's obviously a good practice for a company to seek services of a specialist firm specializing in web security (especially if it doesn’t have an information security wing). The intent of this post h...

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  • ninjaskj51

    What's a Testing Dojo?

    Posted 9/8/2011 by lukasz.morawski

    I'm a big fan of the “Weekend Testing” idea and was quite enthused about “Testing Dojo”. So when I joined Cognifide, I proposed that we organize some Testing Dojo meetings. Zbyszek who heads up the QA practice agreed and we’ve had a couple of Dojos so far. If you’ve not heard of Testing Dojo’s before, it is based on the concept of a Coding Dojo, i.e. a meeting where developers exercise their coding skills. Similarly, in a Testing Dojo, we have Testers who are keen to exercise their testing skil...

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