Online moving in-store Until a few years ago, many experts predicted that the internet would eventually sound the death-knell for high-street retailers. However, the widespread movement of brands successfully introducing elements of online shopping into their in-store environments has overturned this theory. Instead, retailers – online and offline – are creating engaging, seamless shopping experiences for customers, however they decide to interact with a brand. Much of the appeal of online...

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    Zen Garden - an Adobe CQ product

    Posted 9/2/2013 by Fahim Salim

       Zen Garden is a Cognifide product that extends Adobe CQ Experience Manager enabling digital marketers to deploy multiple websites quickly and cost-effectively.  CQ Zen Garden allows businesses to rapidly expand their capability to deliver sites for customers, sponsors and marketing teams by cleanly separating the look & feel from core development. It allows new websites to be assembled from a reusable library of highly flexible components with mobile responsive layouts t...

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  • cqunixtoolkit-e1373625622481

    CQ Unix Toolkit

    Posted 7/12/2013 by Arkadiusz Kita

    During the last two decades we have been observing an explosion of web-browser & GUI tools which help us to perform complex tasks in an easier manner. In fact, there is one problem with GUI tools - particular actions cannot be queued or scheduled. Furthermore, we cannot automate or batch several different operations unless a dedicated application supports this functionality. However, this is a rather complex and advanced feature not supported in simple applications. But the most i...

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    Posted 7/2/2013 by Tomek Rękawek

    6 Cognifide geeks driving in 1 car over 1100 km to a beautiful city in Switzerland to exchange their CMS experience with other CQ maniacs - I couldn't imagine a better plan for a week in June. The event that gathered AEM enthusiasts from all over Europe was CQCON 2013, a two-day meeting organised in Basel by Adobe and UNIC - the very place where CQ had been born. The conference started on 20th June and was a great opportunity to make new contacts, meet old friends and exchange technical knowled...

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  • 1361283209_gnome-keyring-manager

    Keep your CMS safe with Secure CQ

    Posted 2/26/2013 by Tomek Rękawek

    Content Management Systems and web-applications in general are probably the most difficult kind of software to secure. Modern CMS' are so complex and feature abundant that it is often possible to find some security holes or unsecured modules and get access to confidential information or even modify the content without authorisation. Adobe CQ is very complex and provides authors with a wide range of possibilities. Unfortunately, it means also a lot of possibilities for potential malicious users....

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  • adobe_cq_logo

    Make your CQ life easier with Slice

    Posted 11/1/2012 by maciej.majchrzak

    Are you happy with your Sling/CQ development? If yes, you’re a lucky guy – you’ve just saved a couple of minutes because there’s no need for you to read this post. You’re still reading this, which means that you want to do your job better, write your CQ applications faster, produce better quality code; or have your code testable and reusable... or you’re just curious. Whatever your motivation is, you won’t regret reading this post because it will change the way you develop your CQ applicatio...

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  • slingnifide

    Sling Dynamic Include

    Posted 10/11/2012 by Tomek Rękawek

    Let's assume that you have a complex CQ-based site with a vast number of pages. Each page consists of many complex components, but content served by these components is usually static -- so it doesn't change with each user visiting it. Think about an article component, image, header, footer and so on. It's a good idea to use a cache here, so CQ won't have to build the same content with every request. The most popular caching solution available with CQ is the dispatcher – the Apache module ...

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  • adaptto


    Posted 10/9/2012 by Tomek Rękawek

    A strong team of nine Cognifide employees attended the adaptTo() conference held in Berlin last week---adaptTo() is a meeting focused on technical aspects of Apache Sling, Jackrabbit and Adobe CQ. The conference held stage to a number of interesting presentations---including two from Cognifide---which provided a wealth of useful information. The subject area of these talks was divided into five main categories: new features and products, thoughts on designing a proper content structure, re...

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  • calais_logo1

    Adobe CQ5 - OpenCalais Integration

    Posted 8/14/2012 by mateusz.kula

     In the massive amount of information available on the Internet it is getting more and more difficult to find relevant and valuable content and categorize it in one way or another. No doubt tagging this overwhelming amount of data is becoming more and more crucial from the SEO and digital marketing point of view as it plays important role in site positioning and allows end users a keyword search. Problems appear when editors are not scrupulous enough to add tags for new pages, press releas...

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  • domains

    Multidomain CQ mappings and Apache configuration

    Posted 7/19/2012 by Tomek Rękawek

    It is quite common that a single CQ instance handles multiple sites. Usually, each page has a separate domain assigned and can have a few language versions. Having such a multi-domain installation requires some additional, nontrivial configuration. This post is intended to serve as a quick referecnce document wherein you can learn how to configure 3 language versions of the well-known Geometrixx site to work on 3 domains:, and Fir...

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  • rackspace-cloud

    Managing the CQ5 Cloud

    Posted 5/15/2012 by przemyslaw.pakulski

    The Adobe CQ Cloud Manager allows you to manage the complete Adobe Web Experience Management (WEM) platform in the cloud and offers the advantages, a SaaS model has to offer over on-premise hosting including low entry costs, rapid deployment, easy cetralised access, automatic upgrades and scalability. I’ve recently had a play with the beta version of the Cloud Manager and just thought I'd share some of my findings. How do you start the first cloud ? Register on to get acc...

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