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    Digital Paralysis Kills

    Posted 20 August 2014 12:00 AM by Cleve Gibbon

    Last month McKinsey reported that the flow of goods and services in 2012 reached $26 trillion; that’s 36 percent of the global GDP.  We were forewarned that global flows revenue would triple by 2025 with digital playing a lead role in that increase.  Are you forearmed with the digital platforms you need to capitalise on that? Or are you suffering from digital paralysis?

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    Attend “Using Sitecore to deliver contextualized experiences” at Sitecore Symposium in Barcelona

    Posted 19 August 2014 12:00 AM by Kimberly McCabe

    Cognifide helps brands create optimal customer experiences that connect digital and offline experiences. Many have found inspiration in our Customer Experience Theatre where we demonstrate that we can create truly inspiring customer journeys – ones which are meaningful and frictionless. Our Customer Engagement Theatre, Zen Display, combines the power of visual display with limitless power of Sitecore and Cognifide’s accelerator Zen Garden.

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    Zen Garden Creativity Day

    Posted 1 August 2014 12:00 AM by Andrzej Bobak

    Long-running projects have their drawbacks. Sometimes developers tend to lose creativity, Product Owners focus on long-term goals. Brilliant ideas (if any) are pushed to the bottom of backlog, waiting to become obsolete ... What can you do to stimulate creativity in your project? Zen Garden project team decided to have a team creativity day. Read the blog post and see what are the results of our creativity day.

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    ConnectCon 2014

    Posted 16 July 2014 12:00 AM by Andrzej Bobak

    At the end of June a group of Cognifide employees visited Basel, Switzerland to attend to ConnectCon, a conference for professionals working with AEM platform. See the short summary of this two day conference through the eyes of one of the attendees.

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    Sightly and Slice - where a beautiful markup meets a beautiful code

    Posted 8 July 2014 12:00 AM by Maciej Majchrzak

    Sightly – the new templating engine in AEM AEM 6 brings a lot of new features. Among the great improvements in the technology stack (like new OAK repository) it also introduces a new way of component development. The new templating engine called Sightly is html-based and addresses one of the most common problems in AEM development – lack of separation of concerns. From now on, Sightly prevents you from writing the business logic of a component in the presentation layer – instea...

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    Consumers feel cheated by bad experiences, disloyalty on the rise

    Posted 2 July 2014 12:00 AM by Kimberly McCabe

    Yesterday was the first day of the Marketforce 20:20 Customer Experience Summit in London. I wasn’t impressed with the last Marketforce event I participated in, so I have to admit I arrived with my smiley-slash-poker face, ready to criticise my Customer Experience at this CX summit across touch-points…

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    Security Checks Cheat Sheet

    Posted 26 June 2014 9:44 AM by Łukasz Morawski

      We know that security issues and security testing are important, so how can we empower our testing efforts? How can we approach this activity? Of course, The OWASP web application checklist is a great starter but if we want to engage in the smaller scale or we've just begun our journey into the land of pentests and ethical hacking? Cognifide has prepared a cheat sheet that everyone can use! Just print it and pin it on the wall so it’s always in the range of your eye, ready to use wh...

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    CIRCUIT 2014

    Posted 24 June 2014 11:44 AM by Tomek Rękawek

    The House of Blues in Chicago is a magical music concert hall and restaurant, situated downtown, next to the Chicago River. This place offers great food, unusual, American decoration and a great atmosphere. I'm really happy that Citytech, Inc. decided to organize CIRCUIT 2014 conference in the House. The event took place at the beginning of June and lasted for two days. There were a lot of interesting presentations, all of which were technical and related to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and un...

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    Econsultancy ranks Cognifide in Top 100 Digital Agencies whilst fellow WPP agencies ring success at Cannes Lions

    Posted 18 June 2014 3:32 PM by Kimberly McCabe

    Cognifide is on the list again! Top 100 Digital Agencies in the UK. We’re pleased to be on the Econsultancy’s list of the Top 100 Digital Agencies in the UK once again! Following our recent recognition by Adobe as a leading partner, we’re happy to keep growing our list of accolades alongside our lovely pattern of growth! Of course, being a part of the WPP family we’re thrilled to see the success of our new partner agencies at Cannes Lions. With our recent launch of Cognifide@Wunderman...

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    Cognifide Moles at the TestingCup 2014

    Posted 5 June 2014 3:00 PM by Magdalena Owsiana

    TestingCup 2014 was the second edition of the Polish Open Championship in Software Testing. It was held at the Polish National Stadium in Warsaw on 2nd-3rd of June 2014 (the largest sports arena in Poland). The contest had two categories: individuals and teams. The main point of the event was to promote software testing, to share knowledge and to recognize and reward the best test engineers in Poland. After last year’s success by a different team at Cognifide (Cognifide Explorers took t...

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