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Introducing Zen Garden...

How do you create a global digital platform that enables local markets? Read on.

Zen Garden is a package of accelerators that allow digital marketers to deploy multiple responsive websites quickly and cost effectively without technical involvement and while maintaining governance standards. This tool uniquely separates front-end and back-end development enabling the parallelisation of design, content and development.  The package includes a re-usable library of themes, templates and components for different industry verticals, as well as innovative features, such as Creative Exchange, providing 90% of the functionality required to deploy large numbers of websites out of the box.

Quick and with low cost per site, Zen Garden is an agile solution to complicated problems

  • Amazing speed to market for newly designed sites that contain the same/ similar content
  • Customise global content to local requirements such as colour and regionalised designs
  • Enhanced Author Agility  to work in real-time and drive your digital marketing ecosystem
  • Responsive design to deliver optimised content no matter how your audience connects
“Cognifide’s Zen Garden for Financial Services gives RBS a robust, flexible and future-proofed platform to create engaging digital experiences for consumers – effortlessly.” – Head of Digital, RBS

The CMS Zen Garden allows clients to rapidly expand their capability to deliver simple sites for customers, sponsors and marketing teams by defining two organisational roles:

  • Platform management and development – a technically focused team with development capabilities responsible for creating new functionality, new components and maintaining the core platform
  • Website production and design - a team (or multiple localised teams) composed of marketing, content editing and front end development (HTML, JavaScript & CSS). These may be internal teams, or teams managing external agencies who can now manipulate websites directly with Zen Garden without specialist development skills

This enables digital marketers to deploy multiple similar sites quickly and cost-effectively, providing flexible, mobile aware layouts and standardised components that can easily be “skinned” to achieve the desired UX.

For more information about Zen Garden or to see a demo in action drop us a line at info@cognifide.com